Publishing Date: Jul 15, 2019

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Schneider Electric to expand enhanced data centre operations services

PRESS RELEASE: Schneider Electric has announced that it is to expand its data centre solutions introducing digitised and enhanced versions of its Critical Facility Operations offers for cloud, service providers and large data centre operators.  The new offers make Schneider Electric a leader not only in digitised data centre operations but as a single source for all Critical Facility Operation services.

Software-driven process with 24×7 facility management

The new, digitised Critical Facility Operations approach combines a software-driven process with 24×7 on-site facility operations including remote support. Benefits for customers include:

Increased operational efficiency: implementation in current customer environments which have resulted in up to 15 percent operational efficiency improvements.

Lower risk and maximum uptime: qualified personnel maintain and operate the data centre using powerful digital tools to guarantee standardisation and to reduce the risk of human error.

Efficient IT planning:‘hands-on’ tactical workflows which are supported by centralised expertise for full lifecycle in the management of IT assets.

Digitised operations to reduce risks

Anthony DeSpirito, Vice President/General Manager of Data Centre Operations, Schneider Electric said; “At Schneider Electric, we believe that digitisation of data centre operations will result in reduced risk of human error, improved efficiency, cost savings, and increased transparency in the data centres we operate around the globe for our customers.  As a single vendor for all critical operations in the data centre grey and white space, Schneider Electric removes the silos frequently seen between facilities and IT staff, eliminating accountability issues and reducing risk.”

China Unicom, one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies, provide cloud services in response to massive demand. China Unicom elected to outsource to Schneider Electric, on-site critical power operation services for 2 of its sites. More than 100 Schneider experts operate two of China Unicom’s hyper-scale data centres.

Kang Nan, General Manager of Operations and Services Department, China Unicom said, “Schneider Electric’s mature and customised Critical Facility Operations solution enabled us to improve greatly in terms of reliable operation, predictive maintenance, as well as risk control, achieving 100 percent uptime of the facilities.  We’ve also effectively reduced energy consumption, saving us up to 30 percent of cost.”

Customised offer to meet specific site and business requirements

Critical Facility Operations for data centres is a customised offer.  Pricing is based on number of assets, size of facility and optional services selected.  The offer includes:

24×7 infrastructure maintenance and operations; emergency awareness and response

Vendor oversight and management

Daily walk-through including monitoring, continuous systems optimisation and change management

Data centre infrastructure engineering for strategic IT hardware capacity planning, power and cooling optimisation, and monitoring day to day operations

Rack and stack for standards-driven IT asset lifecycle management services, which will include moves, adds, installation, changes, and asset decommissioning

Smart hands for on-site technical support including fault identification, resolution and preventative maintenance

Critical Facility Operations is globally available. The enhanced digitised solution is available today in North America and will be coming soon to the United Kingdom, Ireland and China, with other regions to follow. For more information on this offer, please visit


About Schneider Electric:

At Schneider, we believe access to energy and digitalis a basic human right. We empower all to do more with less, ensuring Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, at every moment.

We provide energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services into integrated solutions for Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries.

We are committed to unleash the infinite possibilities of an open, global, innovative community that is passionate with our Meaningful Purpose, Inclusive and Empowered values.

For more information regarding Schneider Electric, please visit or contact Lavina Dsouza Tel: +44 (0) 7887 560218 / or contact your local representative.

Media Contact: Damien Wells, Spa Communications for Schneider Electric +44 (0) 1892 511413 /

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