Not only do we have this fantastic information portal, but the DATACENTRE.ME team has been running industry events since 2013.  Attendees & sponsors who have been involved in these events over the years have been kind enough to write some testimonials to share their experiences.

We work extremely hard to run some of the best events in the industry (so we're told!).  We are hugely proud of our continued success and immensely grateful for the support that we receive from our wonderful event attendees and sponsors – a few of the comments have been shared on this page.

If you would like to submit your own testimonial we will, in return, include a link to your website and LinkedIn profile (if desired).  Please submit your testimonial by clicking here.

Many thanks in advance! 






The DCME Team at one of our Christmas Charity Parties

I have personally been attending the DATACENTRE.ME events for many years. Over these years, I have built up a wide network of data centre industry contacts who I have met at the events such as consultants, M&E contractors and end users.

I personally find the events to be very vibrant, well-organised, well-attended and full of like-minded industry professionals, with good opportunities available for networking. It is also great to see the representation of women in tech at the event growing over the years.

December 2023

Joanna Ward

Strategic Accounts Manager - Retail Segment - EMEA, Vertiv

Mercury Power has been attending and sponsoring DATACENTRE.ME (DCME) events since 2016. During that time DCME has introduced us to a number of new customers.  These events have helped to strengthen existing customer relationships and we have also found the introductions to new suppliers very useful.

I am relatively new to the DCME events, but those that I have attended I have found to be a pleasurable experience and a great ‘gathering of minds’.

I find the pre-event communication to be informative and well-timed.  The event itself is a great opportunity to meet and network with others in the industry in a relaxed environment.  It is a chance to learn how people are moving along and how we can help each other, building rapport and friendships along the way.  You will find a great crowd of people you might already know, and also some new faces every time.

The venue is in a great location and the format is ideally suited to allowing a great flow of conversation with no gaps, for all present.  In conclusion, a must attend face-to-face event for everyone in the data centre industry.

October 2023

Samantha Lil

Business Development Manager, Mercury Power

As always a great evening of networking and catching up with professionals from the industry. Well done to DCME for organising these events!

October 2023

Marko Djukic

Principal Engineer, AECOM

The DCME events offer an opportunity to network with industry expertise in a well organised, enjoyable and informal environment. It is great to have so many connected people with so much knowledge in one place at the same time.

October 2023

Chris Scott

Global Alliance Leader, Kyndryl

I was kindly invited to the DATACENTRE.ME event on the evening of September 26, 2023, and I must say it was a great experience. From the moment I walked through the doors, I was struck by the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The event's organisers had clearly put a lot of thought into creating an environment that fostered networking, learning and collaboration. As a first-time attendee, I had some initial reservations, but those were quickly dispelled as I was warmly greeted by the friendly team and fellow participants.

The networking opportunities were exceptional. It was a fantastic platform to connect with professionals from various backgrounds, and I was amazed at how open and eager everyone was to share their knowledge and experiences. I left with a clutch of new contacts and industry insights that I am confident will be very useful.

The selection of sponsors and exhibitors was excellent, as they added a valuable layer to the event. I had the chance to explore the latest technological advancements and innovative solutions in the data centre industry, which was eye-opening and informative.

In summary, DATACENTRE.ME provides an exceptional service for the data centre industry. The event combined invaluable networking and learning opportunities, and an overall environment that encouraged collaboration. I will definitely attend future events and would highly recommend them to anyone in the data centre field. Thank you for such an excellent evening.

October 2023

Stephen Oakden

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Head of Europe, Built Environment Design Partnership

Working for a company that has 75 years of experience and offers a one-stop cooling solution, supporting 140 countries, it is important to find the right networking opportunities to continue the growth of the business. The DATACENTRE.ME (DCME) events offer just that.

Offering unique networking opportunities for those in the data centre industry, at each DCME event you will find a good customer base, a well-balanced attendee list between end-users and suppliers from across all corners of the UK, and a mix of regular and new faces. The events are well organised and the location is ideal. The exclusive environment of the venue provides great spaces for both networking and in-depth discussions. A chance to chat with colleagues and friends alike, and learn about new topics and trends. With food and drink flowing throughout the night I would highly recommend these events to anyone within the industry.

October 2023

Ramanathan Arumugasamy

International Technical Sales Manager EMEA, STULZ

I have been attending and exhibiting at DCME events for a few years now and there is always a great atmosphere, with plenty of like-minded professionals looking to learn more from each other at every one.

I can honestly say that they are amongst some of best run and attended events that I go to, and I congratulate Caroline and the team on the work that they do in planning and running each one.

October 2023

Ed Haslett

Divisional Director – Critical Facilities UK & Ireland, ZG Lighting (UK) Limited

BCS and I would like to thank Caroline and the DCME team for putting on these events.

I have been a regular attendee for the last couple of years and it is great to catch up with industry friends and contacts and to meet new faces as well as understand new products and innovations in the market.

These events are always incredibly well run and very enjoyable to attend. A must go for those in the data centre industry.

October 2023

James Vaughan

Senior Consultant, BCS

I’ve been privileged to attend the DATACENTRE.ME (DCME) industry events from conception in 2013. Caroline should be so proud of what has been achieved with her team over the last ten years, and the success of this remarkable brand will undoubtedly continue.

The DCME brand is truly unique in the data centre industry. With unparalleled access to key global data centre players it establishes a communication forum for this market. These events are a vital part of our distinctive industry, facilitating networking between sponsor investors, consultants & data centre providers.

October 2023

Kev Doyle

Principal Partner, Bee Consult

Regularly attending the DCME End User Networking Events I continue to be impressed every time by the quality of conversation and calibre of colleagues in attendance.

The event is a calendar highlight that I always look forward to.  Fantastic food, friendly conversations and always fun to attend, and that’s before spending time with the various companies presenting their DC solutions – I always spend at least 20-30 minutes learning about a variety of topics from those in with booth space.

Thank you DCME and all your sponsors.

October 2023

Tom Glover

EMEA Head of Data Centre Transactions, JLL

Definitely one of the Data Centre networking events to attend! Great blend of consultants, clients & vendors to network with.

July 2023

Giles Korner

Director, Korgi Consulting

I would like to thank Caroline and the DCME Team for organising and hosting a fantastic event.

This was my first attendance at the DCME Innovation Event on behalf of Flynn's and it was a great opportunity to meet colleagues and clients from the various divisions within the industry.

There was a great atmosphere and I am looking forward to attending future events and supporting DCME.

July 2023

Barry McSkean

Senior Project Manager, Flynn Management & Contractors Ltd

Caroline and her team do a fantastic job of filling the room with like-minded individuals at the DCME End User Networking Events.

The environment is relaxed and encourages thought provoking conversation around the industry’s latest challenges and innovations.

July 2023

Adam Wright

Group Development Director, H&MV Engineering

Thank you to Caroline, Ruth and all the team at DATACENTRE.ME for their hard work in organising such a very well attended and excellently well-run event.

As a sponsor, the venue is ideal for this type of networking event and the quality of food and drink selection was also great.

The people who attended this event in July 2023 work for some of the well-known companies in the data centre industry and having the opportunity to make contact with multiple companies on the same evening is invaluable for us as a company.

We've already had a couple of really solid enquiries from this event which we are now following up on, so the event did create some fantastic interest in our company and the services we offer.

This is definitely an event I would recommend and it will be an event we here at Critical Business Solutions will attend and sponsor again in the future.

July 2023

Dave Smith

Business Development Manager UK & Europe, Critical Business Solutions Limited

I recently attended the DCME Data Centre Innovation end user networking event in London and it was an incredibly informative and valuable experience. The event provided a great opportunity to network with industry professionals.

It was a great opportunity to get familiar with the latest data centre innovations in cooling, power management, and infrastructure.

Overall, this event provides a fantastic learning experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone in the industry.

I look forward to attending in the future and continuing to stay updated on the latest trends in data centre technology.

July 2023

Pradeep Gupta

Senior Mechanical Engineer, ARUP

The event's atmosphere was vibrant, fostering an environment where knowledge sharing and networking thrived.

Once again, thank you to Caroline and the DCME team for their hard work and dedication in putting together such an amazing event. As Bray continues to support the advancement of the data centre industry, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with DCME and being part of more outstanding events like this one.

July 2023

Mirela Dumitrache

Business Development Manager Europe - Data Centers, Bray Controls Inc

Open Energy Market were delighted to sponsor DCME’s  ‘Data Centre Sustainability’ end user networking event.  Having just launched our new sustainability platform, True, we wanted to speak to key people within the data centre world about how True could help them find their most cost-effective net zero strategy.

Caroline and her team are excellent hosts and put together a very impressive networking event.  It was well attended by relevant and engaged members of the industry who showed a genuine interest in the sponsors.  There was a lively and friendly atmosphere, great for kicking off conversations and building relationships, and the fantastic refreshments kept the event busy throughout.

We’re looking forward to attending and sponsoring more DCME events.

July 2023

Jonathan Rich

Partnership Development Manager, Open Energy Market

Attending the DCME networking events are an incredibly positive experience for all attendees.

Caroline & the Team put a world of effort into each one from the attendee lists / administration works, sourcing the venues to promoting the events!

They’re always enjoyable, and sociable!

From the moment you step into the bustling venues, you can feel the energy and enthusiasm that radiates from the attendees and exhibitors alike. The events are always a melting pot of industry experts from various supply chains for everything you’d need to run a successful datacentre.

The events foster an environment of collaboration, where individuals freely share their expertise and experiences, making new connections and expanding professional networks.

I couldn’t recommend these events more to anyone thinking of exhibiting or sponsoring!

July 2023

Melissa (Milly) Heaven

Customer Success Manager , Telehouse Europe

I had the privilege of attending a data centre event organised by DCME, and it was an amazing experience.

As an enthusiast about Data Centre construction, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to network and meet industry professionals. The event was expertly organised, providing a platform for valuable discussions and connections. I had the pleasure of attending alongside Robert Elsworth, a true mission-critical leader in Faithful and Gould.

DCME's event proved to be an invaluable resource for expanding my knowledge and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the industry. I highly recommend attending future events organised by DCME as they offer an excellent environment for like-minded individuals to come together and share insights. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such a remarkable event!

July 2023

Abbas Bozorgzadeh

Assistant Project Management - Engineering Services, Faithful+Gould

Marchini Curran have been attending DATACENTRE.ME events for more than 5 years and have found them to be fantastic opportunities to catch-up with other professionals from within the Data Centre sphere.

As Architects, DCME events also allow us to speak to suppliers and specialists about new products and developments within the industry.

Caroline and her team put on professional events in high quality venues which are always well located. We would highly recommend DCME events for anybody involved in the Data Centre Industry.

March 2023

Andrew Bull

Director, Marchini Curran Associates

It's been wonderful to reconnect with both new and old colleagues since the onset of COVID-19.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Data Centre Design & Build End User Networking Event, where I was able to connect with various suppliers and exchange valuable experiences. The atmosphere was, as always, fantastic and the food and drinks were thoroughly enjoyed.

March 2023

Hitendra Patel

Head of HPC Data Centre Operations, UKRI / STFC

I attended the Data Centre Design & Build End User Networking Event on Tuesday 21st February 2023 and found Caroline and the Team thoroughly engaging.  As I hadn’t previously attended any events, Caroline rang me personally to introduce herself and to ensure that the event would be of benefit to the sponsors, existing guests and myself.  I fully appreciated being contacted in this way, as it showed a genuine level of professionalism, whilst giving a personal touch.

This personal touch continued at the event itself – from registration, during the networking and on my departure.

There was a greater than expected number of like-minded guests at the event, all with experience and knowledge within the sector.  The networking proved invaluable and thoroughly enjoyable, and I am very much looking forward to attending more events in the future.

I know from experience that these events involve a lot of hard work and dedication.  My personal experience, and that of others, showed me just how much work Caroline and the Team put into these events.

I’ve made many connections already, and look forward to building a strong professional relationship within the group.  Many thanks to all involved.

February 2023

Richard Howe

Commercial Manager, CornerStone GRG Ltd

I attended the Data Centre Sustainability End User Networking Event. The event was very well organised and the attendance was great. This is a credit to Caroline and her team who go over and above to make you feel welcome.

It was great to speak to other people within the industry and catch up with a few people from the past. I am really looking forward to the next event.

Nicola Scott

National Preconstruction Strategic Manager, Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services Ltd

I attended the DCME VIRTUAL Education, Knowledge-Share & CPD Month in September 2022.  This was a fantastic online learning platform where many leading businesses in the Data Centre community were able to showcase their products and services.  DCME VIRTUAL was a great platform on which I enjoyed access to subject matter expertise and knowledge share through videos, links to company information and online panel discussions.  I thoroughly recommend DCME's events and am looking forward to the next one!

Christian Goldsmith

Partner | Senior Programme Director, Arcadis Consulting (UK) Ltd

Why else would you want to visit a large, upmarket bar in the City of London during one of the hottest evenings of the year, other than to attend one of the Datacentre.ME events!

Surprisingly (COVID-19 and temperature-related issues considered), it was very well attended and it was a great chance to (re)connect with many old and new peers in the industry – everyone I wanted to talk to was there.  The food was tasty and I enjoyed a glass or two of wine as well.  I was very glad to have made the effort and I’ve already put the next one in my calendar.

July 2022

Stephen Bowes-Phipps

Senior Digital Infrastructure Consultant, PTS Consulting

C&D were proud to sponsor DCME’s Data Centre Sustainability End User Networking Event.  This was the first DCME event we had attended and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to network and discuss our new Pure Lead Plus product, which we had just launched for the Data Centre market.

The venue was perfect for networking and Caroline and Ruth were the perfect hosts, making us feel really welcome. It was great to meet some old friends, make some new connections and discuss business opportunities.

C&D will definitely participate in future events!

July 2022

David Chambers

Vice President of Sales EMEA, C&D Technologies/Trojan Battery Company

The “Data Centre Sustainability” end user networking evening was a fantastic event organised by Caroline Hitchins DATACENTRE.ME and DATACENTRE.ME. Great to be in a room with so many interesting people, talking BMS/EPMS with those in the data centre sector. An excellent evening all round – looking forward to the next networking event!

July 2022

Sam Samra

Account Manager (Major Projects), ABEC Ltd

Thanks to Caroline & the DATACENTRE.ME team for organising a great event.  This was the first time that we sponsored and exhibited at a DCME event.  

It was well organised in a great venue with a really good mix of clients and we received some direct enquiries on the night that we are following up on.  It was definitely worthwhile for us and we look forward to attending future events.

May 2022

Lee Thompson

Group Director of Strategic Development, Senseco Systems Limited

A big thanks to Caroline and the DCME team for organising such a delightful event.

The DCME “Data Centre Operations” End User Networking Event was exceptionally well organised with plenty of networking opportunities. Lots of people were in attendance and it was a very enjoyable evening.

It was lovely to catch up with my old contacts and I also made new contacts with some key individuals. There is no doubt that DCME will continue to grow in the future and I look forward to attending the next event.

Vladimir Divac

Mechanical Associate, PhillipsPage Associates

So lovely to meet up with so many I had communicated with on Teams and Zoom. The atmosphere was fantastic! So great to meet old and new connections! Loved the picture booth! Food and wine was good too! A big thank you and congratulations for raising so much for charity. DATACENTRE.ME were innovative.

December 2021

Lorraine Smith

Business Development Manger, Marioff Limited

For making connections and contacts in the industry, it was the best event that I have attended during this busy Christmas Period. Less formal that resulted in everyone being open to chatting and connecting.

December 2021

Matthew Allen

Technical Director - Power and Energy, Huawei Technologies

The DCME Charity “Christmas Kick-Off” party was a very interesting event. Really useful for someone new in the DC industry.

January 2022

Villie Xeni

Project Manager, MiCiM Ltd

Thank you to the DATACENTRE.ME team for another well attended and well-organised networking event.

After over a year of virtual meetings and conferences, you really value the ability to see people face to face and the DCME Charity Christmas event provides the perfect atmosphere to network with new industry professionals and reconnect with existing contacts.

December 2021

Rob Mather

Solutions Director, Power Control Ltd

I have attended a number of DCME events over the years and they just seem to get better and better. Great organisation, great focus on remaining COVID safe and great attendee list. Looking forward to your events in 2022.

December 2021

Simon Browne

Solutions Development Senior Director, JLL

A great networking event for business colleagues to share knowledge and experience in this exciting segment. Well done to DATACENTRE.ME for continuing to enable us to meet during very difficult and challenging circumstances.

December 2021

Simon Greenwood

Sales Director Trade & Specification, Signify

A great evening and chance to catch up informally with many customers and friends after a strange 18 months.

December 2021

David Abrahams

Key Client Director, Schneider

Well done to Caroline and the DCME team. The Charity ‘Christmas Kick-Off’ Party was a fantastic event at a great venue and was superbly organised. Already looking forward to next year’s events.

December 2021

Lewis Cannell

Business Development Manager, ABM Critical Solutions

Great event as usual and very smoothly run and safely organised.

December 2021

Michael Lonsdale

UK Sales Manager Power Switching and Monitoring, Socomec

The DATACENTRE.ME September event in central London was superb. As our first event as both Website and Event Sponsors, we found this to be a well-executed, well-attended evening of networking at a fantastic venue.

What the DCME team put together was excellent, particularly considering the current challenges that COVID presents; they could not have done any more to make it feel as safe as possible. The measures put in place at the event, in line with government guidelines, made for a safe environment, making the return to ‘in-person’ events easy!

It was great to get back to networking with old friends and making new connections. It wasn’t just about the quantity of people, but more the depth of quality of all those who attended that made this event extremely worthwhile.

I very much look forward to the next one!

October 2021

Steve Mansell

Divisional Director: Critical Facilities, Zumtobel Group Lighting

The recent DCME End User Networking evening in central London was a fantastically well organised event. It made meeting face to face with industry people possible again.

We are hopefully nearing the end of the pandemic and DCME acknowledged this risk and implemented COVID measures for the event. Due to these measures everybody was safe and could participate together again.

I am looking forward to the next one.

October 2021

Dimi Dimitrov

Project Manager, AVK/SEG (UK) Ltd

Another great event put on by DCME.

So great to be back face to face and seeing people together again networking after what has been a very challenging year. Good to see contacts old and new, meeting new partners and sharing industry knowledge and expertise whilst sharing a drink and having a good laugh.

Well done to Caroline and the team for organising such a great night, still having to deal with their fair share of covid restrictions which was dealt with flawlessly.

October 2021

Tom Cella

Managing Director, Kinetic IT Ltd

Great networking event organised by DCME in September 2021 in London. Fantastic turnout gave me and my colleagues an opportunity to meet so many of our industry peers we had not seen for long months of lockdown.

The DCME events have always been really relevant for us in terms of relationships and business development bringing many consultants, contractors and clients together. It’s really pleasing to see them back in real life!

October 2021

Barbara Sacha

Partner, Cundall

The recent DCME event in central London was a fantastic return to face to face networking. A great venue (with a nice long bar and easy access to drinks and nibbles) made it an easy event to catch-up with a whole host of key people in the data centre sector.

The informal surroundings allowed relaxed introductions to new contacts and easy interactions to expand interactions within the industry.

The communications prior to the event and the efficient organisation on the day contributed greatly to both the turnout and the enjoyment.

Looking forward to the next one!

October 2021

Lawrence Hooker

Operations Manager, Michael J. Lonsdale

Thank you to the DATACENTRE.ME team for hosting the recent networking event in London.

It was an enjoyable and very well attended event, and it was great to be able to re-engage in face to face dialogues and reconnect with existing contacts whilst making new ones. It was also very interesting to hear the different perspectives on how the market sector has fared throughout the pandemic, and how it has affected everyone.

The calibre of attendees at the event was fantastic, which resulted in high quality engagements and, we are pleased to say, has led to further discussions. A very worthwhile and valuable evening.

September 2021

Matthew Goulding

Managing Director, Cannon Technologies

Well done Caroline and DCME team for a great event. Sincere thanks and gratitude for arranging.

Great venue and engagement making it a very energised and collaborative evening. Aside from the business aspect, just great to re-engage with friends and colleagues.

Great event with a great set of sponsors! Looking forward to the next one.

September 2021

Martin Murphy

Co Founder & Partner, AMS Helix

I cannot over state my thanks to you all for arranging and hosting the DCME drinks soiree yesterday.  The venue was great, service provided of a very high standard and exhibitors welcoming and “non-sales” in attitude – informative, helpful, engaging.  The most important part though was reconnecting in person with old friends (it’s been way too long) and making new – for creating this opportunity I am very grateful.

Well done for how you and the team managed the “front of house” entrance.  In this time of reengagement it’s important to create “safe” environments for people to gather and that can only be achieved with some up front pragmatic and clear guidance + execution.  Your pre event messaging and execution on the day were flawless, well done!

September 2021

Tom Glover

Senior Director - EMEA Head of Data Centre Transactions, JLL

Thank you for such a great face to face event after such a long time of being in the virtual world.  I was really hesitant about being in a room with so many people but the COVID precautions you had in place were fantastic and gave me confidence that we were all as safe as we could be.

It was so lovely to meet and greet old and new faces throughout the evening.  We have come away from the event with some great new solid contacts too which will now be continued.

Once again if I can thank you and your team for all your efforts to put on the event in such difficult times.  Well done and I look forward to the next one.

September 2021

Kathryn Aves MIoD

Managing Director, Bluepoint Technologies Ltd

The recent DCME VIRTUAL conference and exhibition was absolutely fantastic.  The virtual environment was simple to navigate and, from a technical point of view, the virtual exhibition hall was superb.  I found the wealth of information available on the exhibition booths extremely useful and I have downloaded enough reading material to last me the rest of the year!  What's more, it's all really relevant information which I find extremely useful in my day to day role and when understanding the various technologies available in the market.

I absolutely loved all of the conference sessions – they were easy to access and it was useful to be able to type questions for the speakers to answer in real time.

Everything from end to end was as professional as possible – I attend a lot of online events and DCME VIRTUAL was up there with the very best!

May 2021

Martin Waite

HVAC Support Senior Manager, Virgin Media

DCME VIRTUAL International Conference & Exhibition – Spring 2021

Thanks so much. There were some great panel discussions and, as a launch for smart lighting solutions from Signify into the DC space, it was very worthwhile.

May 2021

Mark Bonner

Key Account Manager, Signify

CTS-INT’Ltd have attended numerous events hosted by the DATACENTRE.ME Team. These events are professionally manged and only attract a high calibre of elite sponsors and attendees. This has assisted us in engaging with suppliers to discuss the latest developments in the Data Centre industry and networking with our peers.

DATACENTRE.ME operates an up to date and active website with the latest industry news and excellent insight to current trends.

CTS-INT’Ltd are pleased to sponsor the DATACENTRE.ME website and look forward to working with the Team.

May 2021

David Caddy

Director, CTS-INT'Ltd

DCME VIRTUAL International Conference & Exhibition – Spring 2021

Very impressed with the quality of this event – both in terms of conference sessions and networking opportunities. The setup of the virtual exhibition hall was excellent and the platform was easy to use.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with all the team, thank you for putting on such a great event!

May 2021

Mirela Dumitrache

Data Center Sales Manager Europe, George Fischer Sales Limited

On behalf of EA-RS Fire Engineering, we wanted to thank Ruth, Caroline, Nicola and Sam for all your hard work, we very much enjoyed the event.

April 2021

Deane Sales

Group National Sales Manager, EA-RS Fire Engineering Ltd

I enjoyed attending the DCME VIRTUAL International Conference & Exhibition – Spring 2021 which had some super benefits, including being able to interact with very good international speakers via Q&A. The breakout sessions covered valuable topics and the ability to visit the virtual booths in the exhibition hall and be able to download PDFs and video content, helped to discover more about the products currently on the market. There were some great opportunities to network with leaders from the global data centre industry and attendees were well looked after and were invited to engage with additional activities such as competing in the Leaderboard to win prizes.

Many thanks for the kind invitation to attend and the effort in delivering this event. I wish the team the best of luck and I wait with impatience for the next event.

Hossam Barakat

IT General Manager, Egypt Gas

DCME VIRTUAL International Conference & Exhibition

This virtual conference is a fantastic opportunity for both networking and learning. It has been so well presented in the virtual format making it similar to a real conference where networking is encouraged. The presenters are very knowledgeable and have a great way to share their knowledge with attendees. I would highly recommend anyone in the Data Centre industry to attend this conference.

May 2021

Laura Allwood

Apprentice Project Manager, Arcadis

Thank you to Caroline and the team at DCME for what proved to be an excellent Virtual Exhibition.
Some very interesting and varied topics covered and plenty of networking opportunities.
Very well laid out and easy to use.
Looking forward to the next event.  Well done to all involved.

March 2021

Dennis Coe

UK & EMEA Power Systems Director, Mercury Power Ltd

I have now experienced a number of virtual meeting platforms now and can honestly say that the platform used by the DATACENTRE.ME team and experience offered is by far the best yet.

This in addition to genuinely interesting, insightful and topical content made the recent DATACENTRE.ME virtual event extremely useful to attend.

October 2020

Mark Acton

Independant Data Centre Consultant, Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional, Conference Host & Panel Moderator, LinkedIn profile

I have attended several of the DATACENTRE.ME face to face networking events, back in the ‘good old days' when we could meet up in person and they were always most enjoyable.  However, I was concerned about how this would translate to a virtual environment. The transition was amazing, a fantastic platform and some really good speakers and panels. The idea that the panel was pre-recorded was a smart move and the live Q&A after was always appreciated. Engagement via the gamification section ensured there was always something to do and get involved in.  Looking forward to the next one on the 28th April!

January 2021

James Rix

Associate Director , Arcadis UK

Well done, Caroline and Team for putting on such a great event.

The virtual event format was one of the best aesthetically implemented in 2020. I thoroughly enjoyed navigating through the schedule of events. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with our community and get a perspective on advances in technology and challenges in our industry.

I am looking forward to attending in 2021.

February 2021

Matthew Harris

Global Data Center Sales EMEA, NTT

Well done Caroline and DC.ME team for a superb Virtual Event.

Really interesting content from sponsors and speakers presented in a well-structured virtual arrangement over the 2 days.  Although the DC.ME quarterly networking events are dearly missed this was an excellent and well thought out alternative to keep up collaboration and unity amongst our industry’s professionals whilst presenting new and interesting technological advancements.

 Trying to navigate any business through this pandemic is no mean feat especially when your business heavily relies on social engagement and interaction. I commend Caroline and her team for a great effort in putting this together and look forward to the next event.

February 2021

Tom Cella

Managing Director, Kinetic IT Limited

Congratulations to Caroline and the team at DATACENTRE.ME for a fantastic event that brought so many of us together in a virtual format that really enabled us to make up for the lack of networking and collaboration through 2020 so far. Some fantastic sessions that were very well facilitated and covered some really interesting topics.

Deerns were very happy to have a virtual booth at the event, which led to some great conversations with contacts old and new and we look forward to the next event.

October 2020

Ian Carlisle

Data Centre Sector Director and UK Managing Director, Deerns

I’ve been attending DC.ME events a good 5 years now between London & Dublin and they are always a great focal point to meet & network with those within the Data Centre | Mission Critical Industry and I have been lucky enough to meet such valuable supply chain partners from them to this day.

Unfortunately, with how 2020 has panned out with COVID19, a lot of such events have had to resort to virtual and online conferences; and I have attended many.

I wasn’t shocked with how well curated and set up DC.ME GOES VIRTUAL 2020 was with the efforts Caroline & the team go to with their usual quarterly physical events and very much look forward to the next instalment.

October 2020

Eugene Smith

International Business Development Executive, Jones Engineering Group

A great event, with lots of new and exciting technologies to look at!

October 2020

Edward Vigor-Messenger

Director, Deerns

As usual, Caroline and the team at DATCENTRE.ME managed to pull together all the best brains in the industry, all in one place to chat and learn from each other – this time in a virtual space.  That is the epitome of ‘professionalism'! Amazing!

October 2020

Stephen Bowes-Phipps

Senior Data Centre Consultant, PTS Consulting

I was very impressed by how DC.ME had got the virtual conference all set up.  Good format, clear to use & engaging.

The topics, presenters & exhibitors were all very relevant to the DC Market and the amount of useful/helpful material to take away was ideal.

Looking forward to next year either virtual or in person (fingers crossed!)

October 2020

Ian Munro

Technical Director, Atkins

Being a regular at the London Data Centre events, I was amazed with the quality and professionalism of the DATACENTRE.ME virtual conference & exhibition provided.

It was easy to use and navigate through the agenda. The agenda was well thought out, informative and fun.

I can see this being the new “norm”. It brought interesting topics to the forefront and available to a new global audience.

The only thing missing was the drinks in the evening sadly, maybe Caroline needs to post out some beers beforehand next time. Ha ha ha.

But “hats off” to Caroline and team for such a professional dynamic virtual conference. I look forward to the next one with excitement.

October 2020

Richard Stern

Data Centre Project Manager, Watch this space!

Being that this year has scuppered just about any plans that any of us have had, I was slightly sceptical about a virtual DATACENTRE.ME event.  Should have known Caroline and the team would have smashed it. Sat through a fair few of the relevant to me seminars which I found informative.

The only thing missing was the G&T!

Well done!  Looking forward to the next one.

Mark Taylor

M&E Project Lead, Multiplex

Congratulations to Caroline and all the DATACENTRE.ME team!

The DCME GOES VIRTUAL event was very successful and Rentaload was proud to be a part of it.

The virtual platform was great, the conference program very interesting and the chats very user-friendly.

Until we are able to attend the great DATACENTRE.ME networking events again, this is an excellent alternative.

October 2020

David Guedes

Sales Director, Rentaload UK & Ireland

I attended a number of the seminars/presentations held during the DCME GOES VIRTUAL conference.  The topics were informative, well presented and the ability to attend virtually whilst still continuing my day job, made excellent sense.  Look forward to more similar events until the world becomes normal again.

October 2020

Kevan Harrison

Project Manager, CyrusOne

This was my first virtual conference.  I was very impressed.  Well organised by the team at DATACENTRE.ME.  I attended a few seminars and presentations which I found interesting and informative.

Definitely recommended and will attend the next.

Thanks again for organising and a great event!

October 2020

Neil Grover

Associate Director, Faithful+Gould

Great conference.  I love the format and the layout. I'm under pressure this week so I’m hopping in and out, listening to the topics that are close to our business.

Really great!

October 2020

Eddie Kilbane

CEO and Co-Founder, Dataplex Group

This was our first ‘virtual’ networking event, and while nothing can quite replicate the face-to-face nature of a traditional expo, this was the next best thing and actually exceeded our initial expectations.

We gained several solid leads over the two days and made plenty of new connections and contacts. While the broad range of informative seminars and CPD sessions compared favourably with anything you’d find at any major industry conference too.

Well done to Caroline, Ruth and the DC.ME team and we look forward to their next event!

October 2020

Chris Owens

Content Editor, Riello UPS

DCME GOES VIRTUAL – Well it certainly did… Had a great 2 days online as Lead Sponsors of this great event. Some very interesting seminars and had plenty of visitors to our booth. Well done Caroline, Ruth & Team for a very well put together online conference. Looking forward to the next one…

October 2020

Alison McGee

Quality Director, Durata

This was a fantastic idea in these tough times and I was really impressed with the ease to navigate the exhibitors, chat rooms and the informative seminars during the 2 days.

The exhibition side was extremely well laid out making it feel like you were there in an exhibition hall looking at everyone stands peruse their stands and then chat with them.

Hopefully next time would see the return of face to face meetings but if not I would highly recommend and look forward to the next virtual event.

October 2020

Ian Perton

Director, CSS Facilities Services Ltd

The DATACENTRE.ME events have been some of my favourite to attend recently. Caroline and her team always do a fantastic job to ensure that these are a productive networking forum…with a splash of fun! I have found that the guests at these events attend with the right intent – to make the most out of building their networks and are also welcoming to building new contacts – less cliques to navigate which is a hazard in the industry.

There are always a good mix of people (clients, contractors, consultants, suppliers, etc.) and I always walk away having connected with an array of individuals and gleaned knowledge from different aspects of the industry as well as having had a thoroughly enjoyable evening!

All the above is due, in no small part, to the hard work and attention to detail that Caroline and her team put into organising the events – they are constantly behind the scenes ensuring the evening is set up for the best interactions and cross pollination of their guests.
Thank you for another successful evening and I look forward to what the rest of the year has in store!

Haidee Gonsalves

Project Director, Hi-Tech & Manufacturing, Turner & Townsend

Thanks for organising last week’s event and I look forward to attending as many as possible next year. It is great to have someone (you) championing the cause for DC networking so we can keep in touch with old contacts and make some new ones along the way

Alfie Heyland

Operations Director, Mace

I have attended many networking events in the Data Centre Industry which have been very good, but the DATACENTRE.ME end user event I attended on Tuesday was by far the best. We did our research on the market and discovered, via different sources, that the best person to get in touch with was Caroline Hitchins, founder of DATACENTRE.ME because of her website and very well-organised events. We started by becoming a Silver sponsor for the Christmas Party in November 2017 – which we found very productive – and we decided that sponsoring DCME events would be the best way of moving forward for us.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Riello UPS to attend the end user networking event on 10 July 2018. I enjoyed the great atmosphere and the mix of people – some of whom I already knew – plus many new ones, some of whom we are now looking to create new opportunities with. The event had over 150 people in attendance, ranging from big to small corporations, most of whom were end users and industry consultants. The only manufacturers and vendors present were the event and website sponsors. Conversation was focused on business but we had a good laugh too which made the atmosphere very relaxed.

After my enjoyable experience at the event, I strongly believe that anyone who is looking to create leads and get in touch with professionals in Data Centre Industry, DATACENTRE.ME is the best step to take. I would like to thank Caroline and the DCME team for their efforts and their welcoming approach. Carry on doing what you do best!

Octavian Chis

Managing Director, Connectium

Another successful DATACENTRE.ME networking event from Caroline and her team. All of these events are very well attended by decision makers and influencers from all business sectors, who rely on the quality of services and solutions from the sponsors, whose technologies occupy the data centre facilities that their businesses utilise.

The social atmosphere makes meeting new business connections and strengthening existing relationships easy and convivial. The effort and attention to detail by Caroline and her team, from badge to buffet, is clearly evident in the calibre of attendees and the constantly high attendance rate, which is further supported by the on-going commitment of relevant and innovative sponsors.

Jamie Donnelly

MD, SP McKinlay

For me, DATACENTRE.ME is a must attend event each quarter, it’s an opportunity to network face to face which is difficult to achieve with LinkedIn and other social media platforms! At each event there is an ideal opportunity to meet new industry professionals, re-engage with existing sector contacts and peers and share best practice throughout the industry. To have exposure to developing products and services that underpin the multi-tenanted data centre owner/operator proposition (via the various sponsor companies) is extremely useful too. Each event also offers other significant benefits via several sources; we have the opportunity to leverage the partnership and collaborative go to market options with like-minded data centre operators & MSPs whilst also benefiting significantly from the opportunity of being introduced to organisations with specific data centre requirements.

Kevin Holland

Client Director, Virtus Data Centres

We had a super evening networking and meeting others from the industry at the DATACENTRE.ME Christmas Party. It was a great moment seeing our logo on the list of sponsors and a brilliant way to kick-off Christmas! The evening was very positive for our business and we enjoyed meeting new personnel within the industry.

We decided to sponsor the DATACENTRE.ME Charity Christmas Party this year because we believed this would enable us to make new connections within the data centre industry and we were not disappointed. We would recommend any business working within this sector to get on board with DATACENTRE.ME!

Ashley Buckland

Managing Director, JB Associates

I wanted to thank you for a fantastic experience it was to attend your networking event. The experience started in the morning when my colleague registered me in the morning, you sent me all the required documents, registering was very easy and your team welcomed me by name. WOW!!! The number of people I was able to speak to was amazing, exchanging cards and making connections in LinkedIN the next day.

I wouldn’t recommend that everyone flies into London the night before and register the next morning, we would all drive you crazy, which you must be close to with all the work that goes into the preparation and the work afterwards. Many thanks again, I will plan my next trip around your events.

Bernhard Brandstetter

Director Germany, Turner & Townsend

This was my second DATACENTRE.ME event and as before the room was full of my industry peers and suppliers in a very cordial atmosphere with great food and drink.

When socialising, the data centre and hosting fraternity are a very friendly bunch, happy to discuss their challenges and successes and we all benefit from each other’s experiences.

Dotted around the edges were a chosen few suppliers who were sponsoring the event and happy to bring us up to speed on the latest technologies.

Yes a great networking and knowledge sharing industry event all done and dusted in the early evening so it did not eat into the business day.

Conleth McCallan

MD, Datanet.co.uk

I have attended several of these events now and I have found that they have got progressively better. My main objective in attending is to network with clients, end users, supply chain and consultants to hear about latest trends and developments, and to hear about who is working on new projects. The Design and Build event in Q1 2019 was the best yet; it was very well organised in a great venue, well supplied with food and drinks and attended by a very good mix of senior people from all sectors and disciplines. Well done Caroline and team and I look forward to seeing you at the next one.
Richard Herrington

Director, MiCiM

Caroline and Team. I wanted to write to say thank you for a great event on Tuesday. Everything was brilliant. Also, I wanted to say that your questionnaire idea was quite innovative.
I was pretty sceptical, at first, but the questionnaire and the prospect of an attractive prize to the winner forced me to talk to some of the sponsors that otherwise would have not spoken to. There were a number of very positive, and unexpected outcomes in these conversations with your sponsors which could produce good results for all involved.
Well done on taking the risk of putting the questionaire together and to promoting it in a clever way. Keep up the terrific work on behalf of the DC Industry.

Brian Clavin

Associate Director, Total Data Centre Solutions

For a few years we have attended and sponsored a number of the DATACENTRE.ME networking events and more recently signed up to become Premier Elite Sponsors of the website.

This decision was taken as testament to the organisation and visibility that both the networking events and website provide Bouygues E&S to both clients and our supply chain partners.

We look forward to many more opportunities in the coming year that the close relationship with the team will bring.

Steven Marles

Head of Sales and Business Development, Bouygues Energies & Services

I have attended many of the events that Caroline and her amazing DATACENTRE.ME team provide, and they continue to grow from strength to strength. There is a perfect mix of peers to ensure your evening is maximised for both relaxed networking or catching up with colleagues we are always too busy to keep in contact with! The venues selected for these events are always ideally suited, friendly and not stuffy in any way and the food is pitched just right. These events are always professionally organised and the DATACENTRE.ME team are like swans (you know they have worked tirelessly to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time, but this is achieved in a calm and graceful way). These are superb events and are a fixture in my calendar now.

Christopher Demwell

Director, CD International BSE

I have attended several of these events and always find them to be well organised, informative, busy and full of experienced professionals that are passionate about the industry. Whether to get yourself up to date with current trends, share stories with other parts of the industry or discuss better ways of doing things, this event does the job. The food and wine is great and assists with the atmosphere that the organisers create to get good conversations flowing.
Peter Newburn

Regional Director, Atkins

JB Associates has previously attended DATACENTRE.ME events and we have loved the experience. As a construction consultancy that continues to work on data centre projects, the events are perfect for networking and integrating ourselves within the industry. Caroline has succeeded in creating a relaxed yet professional space that we not only benefit from, but also look forward to attending. We hope to continue our relationship with DATACENTRE.ME for years to come and are grateful to be part of the community.
Dave Prince

Project Manager/Designer, JB Associates

As a relative newcomer to the datacentre industry I found the DATACENTRE.ME Event relaxed and welcoming. I was greeted warmly and found there to be a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. The atmosphere made it easy for me to make some really useful connections with people who I may not otherwise have been able to meet. The venue was great and was well suited. I was pleased with the mix of sponsors, some I have found particularly useful. I look forward to attending further events and building upon this experience.

Edward Medd

Managing Director, Honeycomb Projects Ltd

Thanks for a great event last night with lots of great networking and some good industry tech information.

As I turned up on my own, it was wonderful to receive such a warm welcome from you at the door, more like what I would expect from a long-term friend or colleague. Your sponsors were fabulous at sharing information, which made it a really comfortable networking event. I went to your event in the hope of achieving three things:

* Keeping up to date with the latest technology and smart thinking in Data Centres
* Expanding my network of contacts in the Data Centre arena
* Having some fun

Your event nailed all three perfectly!

Well done. Thanks again and get me on the list for the next event please.

Paul O’Callaghan MBA

Construction Manager - Europe, Global Switch

I would like to thank the DATACENTRE.ME team for inviting me to their networking events and especially to Caroline and Liz who do an outstanding job in organising such a large event at top level! Hats off! The DATACENTRE.ME events are welcomed by the technological industry, as the executives and technical people have the chance to meet others from their field, have a friendly chat and make their company more visible amongst other professionals; it is also a place where the competition stops for one evening and transforms into a single place where ideas, advice and thoughts are exchanged. It feels like the time spent with the other guests is very pleasant and definitely makes you come back for the next event! On behalf of the LDEX Group I would like to thank you for inviting us and you can count on us for the next events!
Iulian Gheorghe

Data Centre Supervisor, LDEX Group

Caroline’s portal DATACENTRE.ME and her flair for bringing people together have already brought us lots of new business. My advice to any data centre operator or supplier is not only get yourself a free listing on DATACENTRE.ME but consider a sponsorship package – they’re not expensive and probably one of the most cost effective and totally focused marketing options around.
Phil Turtle

Projects Director, Turtle Consulting Group

I would just like to say a big thank you to Caroline and her team at DATACENTRE.ME for their hospitality on well organised event on Tuesday 10th July 2018. It was a great choice of venue as well as a good opportunity to network with suppliers and others in the industry. I’m looking forward to the September 2018 event and would highly recommend it to anyone in the industry if they are looking for a well-run event with fantastic hosts and sponsors alike.
Gerry McKellar

Data Centre Manager, Virtus Data Centres

Hi Caroline, just a quick note to say a big thank you to you and your team on hosting a truly wonderful event this evening. Tonight has been a very rewarding and provided a fantastic opportunity to develop a network of like-minded individuals. I look forward to catching up soon and please pass on a big well done to your team as their effort was duly appreciated.

David Nash

Associate, AECOM

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the event organised by DATACENTRE.ME. The team were incredibly helpful in making sure everything went to plan. It’s been a real pleasure in attending these events over the years. Everyone from attendees through to sponsors are down to earth; technical and the “Hub of Information Knowledge”.To complete the event, the catering was fantastic with lots of selections and there was plenty.
Hiten Patel

Head of Datacentre Operations Manager, STFC

As an invitee to the July Data Centre Operations DATACENTRE.ME event I would like to extend my thanks to Caroline and the team. What a great venue and lovely food and drinks not to mention the main event! I met some new and useful data centre industry contacts, what a good mix of attendees.
As always, the evening was well organised by Caroline and the team. Nothing was taken to chance with even the football shown on a big screen.”

Paul Carlaw

Director, PAC Consulting UK Ltd

I appreciated the kind invitation to the Data Centre networking event in London. It was extremely well organised and well attended. I particularly appreciated the informal and relaxed nature of the event as it gave me an excellent opportunity to chat at length with several key stakeholders in the industry. I met two companies who are setting up data centre operations in Finland. This was naturally of immense interest to me. I very much look forward to the next event in October.
Perry Le Dain

Trade Commissioner, Business Finland

I attend my first DATACENTRE.ME event recently, Caroline and all the team have created a fantastic environment for members of the industry to network and discuss the latest developments in this sector. The events are supported by market leading suppliers showcasing the latest in technologies. A thoroughly enjoyable evening, keep up the great work.
Chris Dorrian

Operations Manager, TMES / Throgmorton Mechanical & Electrical Services

Thank you for organising another very useful and enjoyable evening Caroline. As usual excellent networking, interesting sponsors and fine wine. This is now the premier event in our networking calendar and I cut short my visit to Stavanger to ensure I was there. Sponsor feedback to me was that these events return more ‘bang for the buck’ than any other including conferences and exhibitions they participate in
Jonathan H. Evans

Director, Total Data Centre Solutions

We decided to sponsor DATACENTRE.ME as not only does it allow us to present our locking and key management solutions and services to the relevant audience via their website, it also enables us to attend the relaxed and enjoyable events held throughout the year that are perfect for networking and learning more about the Datacentre sector.
Jenny Littlewood

CNI Business Development Manager, ABLOY

DATACENTRE.ME events have proven to be a great way to build a personal network with key influencers in the data centre industry.

Our sponsorship has been an important step in helping Durata to establish itself as a leading power and cooling design and installation service provider for data centres and edge computing facilities.

John McGee

Managing Director, Durata UK

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for arranging another great networking function last night. I have now attended the last two and found both very beneficial in terms of networking, meeting new and past peers and enhancing my knowledge base. I look forward to attending the next function

Dave Halmkan

Maintenance Manager, Planning & Design/Office Services, ViacomCBS

I found the DATACENTRE.ME event very useful in terms of catching up with key individuals in the sector in a relaxed and friendly environment. Most of the individuals that attended are extremely busy responding to the dynamic nature of today’s market so getting an opportunity to hear their latest news is very valuable
Brian Waddell

Director, Norman Disney & Young

Another fantastic event. The attendees are forever growing and it is great for our sector to come together like this on a quarterly basis.

Keep up the good work Caroline and team and see you at the next meeting!

All the best

David Bradley


The networking event was wonderfully informal, friendly and most importantly very useful. It is no wonder when you select the right topic and combine it with the above you have successful events. I’m looking forward to the next one

Mike Goodwin

Owner, Dunwoody LLP

Thank you for inviting me to your do last night. I made some interesting contacts which I intend to write to presently. Also, I had good conversations with the product sellers and found that very rewarding too. It’s always good to keep up with developments.

Neil Winter

Facilities Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle, JLL

Thanks for last night – another great networking event!
Simon Green

Owner & Director , Green Building Design Consultants

DATACENTRE.ME events should become the MUST ATTEND event going forward!
Andrew McCreath

Director of Enterprise, Equinix

The site looks great!! Congratulations
Mat Bacon

Director, ARC:MC Ltd