Mobile Credentials: Access Control for the Mobile Workforce

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Mobile Credentials: Access Control for the Mobile Workforce

The world is adopting new technologies at an astounding rate, and as a society we are becoming more reliant on digital devices. When it comes to managing access control, mobile credentials are gaining popularity across a wide range of industries and applications.


A mobile credential is a digital access key that sits on a smart device such as a smartphone. This replaces a traditional credential such as a key, a fob, or a card. A mobile credential allows you to authenticate with your smartphone and use it as your key to gain access to a building, room or location.

Read this white paper from Abloy UK. It explores a number of reasons for the increased demand for mobile credentials, including the need for flexibility and convenience, an easy way to manage access right with instant deliver and increased security and sustainability.


It is clear to see why mobile credentials are gaining in popularity. However, certain environments will still reuire alternative solutions. Ultimately, the key is still a very practical cerdential and shouldn't be written off as a less robust access solution.

Read more about this topic by downloading the full white paper available via the link further down this page.

White Paper from ABLOY


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