Abloy is a security and locking innovation company with trust at the core of all activities.

By combining mechanical and digital expertise Abloy develops industry leading security solutions to protect people, property and business.

Data has become and will remain critical to all organisations especially those businesses in national infrastructure sectors. Keeping data safe and protected from hackers who may attempt to cause disruption to the countries natural resources, or control critical pieces of national infrastructure to cause harm or disrupt the economy, is an increasing challenge. Having the assurance therefore, that ABLOY has experience and understands the demands and risks involved, not just from opportunist or state sponsored organised criminal gangs, but often the trusted insider.

CLIQ® technology from ABLOY offers a solution that can control and monitor access even down to the particular rack. It has a proven track record ideally suited to the demands of the UK’s critical national infrastructure. When estates and sites cover large geographical areas, managing, monitoring and maintaining security, as well as a degree of operational efficiency is challenging.

PROTEC2 CLIQ® is an easy-to-use access control system. It enables remote key management and provides comprehensive audit trails from small cam locks to large padlocks, which fulfils the demands of regulators and UK government. It also provides the business with the ability to electronically remove lost or stolen keys remotely from the system, meaning security can still be confidently maintained in circumstances where a key has been misplaced.

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