Rentaload Now Present in Norway

Publishing Date: Aug 18, 2022

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Rentaload Now Present in Norway

The load bank rental specialist & commissioning solutions provider for data centres, is now present in Norway.

Who is Rentaload ?

It is a European company that provides (in addition to rental of loadbanks and accessories) commissioning solutions for data centres, from pre-functional testing and start-up, to functional performance testing and Integrated System Testing (IST) – Level 3 to Level 5 testing.

How ?

Thanks to a range of SMART and connected load banks, from 0.5 kW to several MW and a whole range of associated services :

  • Installation and connection of the load banks on site,
  • Assistance in carrying out your tests or the complete commissioning service (elaboration of the test protocol, realisation of the tests on site, writing of the final test report).

This SMART Solution allows you to:

  • Save time in the realisation of your tests (up to 20% according to our customers) thanks to their connected function which allows you to control your fleet remotely;
  • Add value to your tests with the data collected during the tests (P/U/I/Delta T);
  • Perform 100% reliable and optimised tests to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your infrastructure and increase its performance

John AMUNDSEN, the new Rentaload representative for Norway

John AMUNDSEN will answer all your data centre projects in Norway. So if you need to conduct tests and rent loadbanks, you can contact him:

Phone: +47 970 47 396

We have already carried out large data centre projects in Norway, notably with Microsoft a few years ago. We will therefore continue our development and expansion in this country with great potential.

ABOUT RENTALOAD Load Bank rental company, located in Lyon, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London. Rentaload is present throughout Europe. With a long professional trajectory, Rentaload offers load banks designed and optimised specifically for this market. Its customers are located in sectors such as data centres, hospitals, military, nuclear energy or marine.

Visit the DATACENTRE.ME Directory Listing for Rentaload here.


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