Recognized all over Europe and now in North America for its IST Commissioning solutions, Rentaload offers a wide range of smart & connected load banks for rental and associated services.
From smart rackable load banks (6 or 7 kW) acting as server emulators, through 21kW floor standing units with integrated ATS up to larger load banks (100/200/300 kW) with low delta T, Rentaload's equipment can be used in all kinds of environments, from small data halls with racks installed to large empty white space of 10MW and more!
On site-installation, 3D modeling displaying temperature / power / current information on live, temporary confinements, are some of the services that can easy be associated to the rental load banks for extra added value during the tests. Packaged solutions for full IST Commissioning mission can also be handled by the Rentaload’s team.
Running now with dedicated teams out of 6 main hubs : Frankfurt (Germany), London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Paris (France), Cincinnati (USA), Indianapolis (USA) and Lyon (in France). Rentaload’s team can basically support any projects in Europe and North America.

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