Big Data’s Looming Changes Just Around the Corner

Aug 13, 2013 | 1 comment

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Anyone who spends any amount of time on the Internet has heard the term ‘Big Data’. However, the ambiguous nature of the term has left most of us only marginally interested in what it all means. That's about to change. The world of Big Data is on the verge of transforming everything we know about how data is used. The first changes will be seen in employment. Right now Big Data is largely used to track and analyse consumer practices. The fact that data storage is so cheap and accessible has led to just about every online movement being tracked and analysed. Every credit card transaction, every online form filled out, every survey answered; they are all tracked and analysed by multiple entities. However, with all this data there comes a very definite problem: managing it effectively as the monster continues to grow. Believe us when we say that Big Data has grown well beyond a couple of datacentre reports turned in at the end of the day.

Big Data Hiring

In order to gain control of Big Data, companies are going to have to start hiring and training competent professionals able to deal with it all. They will need professionals who can develop software for data handling, others who can sort through data to separate the useful from the redundant, and creative individuals able to show potential customers how they can benefit from Big Data. It would not be surprising to see Big Data management being offered as one of the latest IT services in the near future. It might even show up as one of the managed services that hosting companies and datacentres offer. Either way, it's coming. The other thing to consider where Big Data meets hiring and recruiting is the idea of using properly analysed data to find the best candidates for a given job. Let's face it, if we can track credit card purchases and web surfing habits, we can also track specific types of behaviour that would help companies locate the best prospects. That's coming as well.

What It All Means

At the end of the day, this all points to the fact that Big Data is on the verge of breaking through the confines of marketing and into just about every other facet of digital life. The amount of data now being stored and analysed is so massive that it would be wasted if it were to continue serving only marketing purposes. The negative side of Big Data is one that is all too familiar with network security specialists. As the amount of data increases, so does the risk associated with storing and tracking it. Therefore, the most important priority for Big Data is security. Otherwise, it could mean Big Trouble. No matter how you feel about the world of Big Data, it's here to stay. Get used to it. If the powers that be do as they should, Big Data will provide plenty of great benefits for generations to come.

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