Ten Ways to Drive Up Data Centre Efficiency

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Ten Ways to Drive Up Data Centre Efficiency


New data centers pack higher processing power in a considerably smaller space. However, high-density computing environments can be a huge drain on operating budgets with rising energy demand and power costs.

This White Paper from ABB, discusses how to make modern data centers more energy efficient by optimising and realising true IT and OT efficiency. It offers 10 ways to improve the overall efficiency of your data centre:

  • Minimize idle IT equipment
  • Virtualisation of servers and storage
  • Consolidate servers, storage, and data centres
  • Effectively manage CPU power usage
  • Advancements in power supplies
  • Opt for high-efficiency UPSs
  • Distribute power at higher voltages
  • Adopting best cooling practices
  • Operate at higher ambient temperature
  • Participate with the Smart Grid


In conclusion, data centres use about two percent of the world's electricity. Burning over 416-terawatt hours of electricity each year, today’s data centres support an ever-growing information and communications technology sector, with a carbon footprint at par with the aviation industry. If the computationally intensive cryptocurrency usage and advancement of 5G technology gains wider popularity as expected, energy consumption will grow exponen-tially.

To manage this expected surge, data centres need to become more energy-efficient. Tackling IT efficiency holds most promise as optimal usage of resources, through both better hardware and software, not only brings down power consumption but also increases the actual computational output of the facility, a factor often overlooked in the race for better PUE figures.

To find out more, read the full ABB white paper entitled: Ten Ways to Drive Up Data Centre Efficiency. This is available via the link found further down this page.



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Published 14th June 2022