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Running a UPS in Eco Mode

With energy savings never far from the top of most data centre operators’ and facilities managers’ minds, UPS manufacturers continue to develop ever more efficient models.

Many modern uninterruptible power supplies can reach efficiency ratings of up to 97% even in double-conversion online mode. While most manufacturers now provide versions featuring “economy” operating modes offering enhanced efficiencies.

This White Paper from Riello UPS, explores the broder concept of UPS efficiency. It then outlines how these ECO operating models work. It goes on to examine whether the energy savings they deliver are worth the corresponding trade-off in reliability and protection.


In conclusion, ECO does have a role to play, but for mission-critical sites in particular, it should be used sparingly.

Running in ECO mode (or Active ECO mode) can undoubtedly deliver energy savings and reduce the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the UPS. However, ECO mode inevitably introduces a lower level of resilience into any critical IT environment. This is both in terms of inferior power quality for connected loads and slower transfer time to backup power in the event of a failure. This greater level of operational risk is why it isn’t entirely fair to compare ECO mode to free cooling.

Looking to the future, advances in UPS technology and efficiency are likely to reduce the energy savings associated with economy operating modes even further.

To find out more, read the full Riello white paper entitled: Running a UPS in Eco Mode. This is available via the link found further down this page.

White Paper from Riello UPS


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