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Data Centre UPS
The Essential Characteristics of an Optmised Solution


Data centere technologies and applications evolve quickly and continuously, at the same time as business continuity becomes ever more critical.

This White Paper from Legrand examines and explains the role that a modern UPS has in meeting the demands of today's digital data centres.

Compared to a few decades ago, Digital Services are now an indispensable part of daily life in our modern society. Public Administration, Health, Finance, Telecommunications, Commerce, Industry, Entertainment and many other sectors are heavily dependent on and empowered by digital services, devices and infrastructures.

Data centres are the hidden core behind our daily “digital life” – allowing us to use and receive digital services. Data centre down time means digital services down time, the consequence of which is a major interruption to our daily activities, problems for both individuals and organisations, huge financial losses and, potentially, compromised safety scenarios.

For this reason, in modern data centres, dedicated infrastructure is implemented in order to guarantee the continuity of the operation and to provide highly resilient systems. A UPS is one of the essential components in such a critical infrastructure.

All the characteristics and functions required of a modern data centre UPS can be grouped under three main features:

• Business Continuity
• Limited Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
• Adaptability


In conclusion, this paper suggests that today, data centres need smart solutions which combine agility, effectiveness and sustainability from every infrastructure component. This includes the UPS, which has the main task of providing a continuous and high quality energy supply; but can give added value if it can contribute to make the system easier to manage, flexible to develop, reliable and affordable.

The added value can be summarised in the three main points:

• Business continuity
• Limited TCO
• Adaptability

Current trends of technology and applications suggest that the future evolution of the data centre will focus on the improvements of these three main features, additionally, paying more and more attention to the sustainability and environmental impact of the overall system.

To find out more, read the full Legrand white paper entitled: Data Centre UPS: The Essential Charateristics of an Optmised Solution. This is available via the link found further down this page.


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