HITEC Power Protection White Paper – How Green is Green?

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How Green is Green

Read this white paper from HITEC Power Protection regarding the environmental benefits of using Diesel Rotary UPS systems to support critical loads in the datacentre.

Using DRUPS systems in high efficiency mode, brings significant benefits at partial loads, typical to a datacenter environment, without a trade off in reliability.


HITEC Power Protection develops, manufactures and delivers Dynamic UPS turnkey power solutions. They are a market leader in dynamic rotary UPS and has been so since it developed the technology over 60 years ago.

HITEC is based in The Netherlands, where the Dynamic UPS systems are manufactured and has companies in the main marketplaces worldwide including the United Kingdom, the United States and the Far East. Worldwide the company has installed more than 2100 units with an installed capacity in excess of 3200 MVA.

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