Zumtobel Unveils TRAMAO: A Multi-Sensory Luminaire Redefining Lighting Experience

Publishing Date: Dec 04, 2023

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Zumtobel introduces TRAMAO, a ground-breaking pendant luminaire merging high light quality, effective sound absorption, and contemporary design. Ideal for offices, hotels, and restaurants, TRAMAO blends aesthetics with functionality, catering to optimal visual conditions and a tranquil ambience.

This collaborative creation by Zumtobel and Typico offers a multi-sensory experience, fusing high-quality light, acoustic excellence, stimulating materials, and customisable colour choices. TRAMAO, available in two sizes, 19 colour variants, two optics, various colour temperatures, and control options, strikes the perfect balance between standard and bespoke design.

Crafted with sustainability in mind, TRAMAO utilises a high proportion of recyclable materials, making it an eco-friendly choice for modern office spaces and hospitality settings. The luminaire's name, derived from the Italian word “trama,” meaning “texture,” reflects its textile nature. The felt-look fleece cover enhances the room aesthetically and ensures effective sound-wave absorption, fostering heightened sensory awareness.

TRAMAO's inspiring design, a fusion of Zumtobel's lighting expertise and Typico's textile design proficiency, significantly reduces installation work and costs. The slimline suspended luminaire body seamlessly integrates with interior spaces, offering a range of colour options to complement the room's palette.

Handcrafted in Austria's Vorarlberg region, TRAMAO comes in two textile optics—opal and coffered. The opal optic provides uniform light distribution, creating a calm, harmonious ambience, while the coffered optic enhances sound absorption with a striking design reminiscent of antique coffered ceilings.

Available in two sizes, TRAMAO and TRAMAO S, customers can choose the luminaire variant that best suits their spatial design preferences. With its minimalist design, the slimline TRAMAO S version is perfect for clean, uncluttered room aesthetics.

TRAMAO offers wireless control options through Bluetooth or DALI, allowing users to personalise the lighting experience. The luminaire supports tunableWhite on request, providing different colour temperatures throughout the day to align with circadian rhythms. Lighting control options include basicDIM Wireless and a mobile app, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Designed with conservation in mind, TRAMAO's easy disassembly into individual components and the use of materials focused on the circular economy, such as aluminium and recyclable fleece cover, contribute to its eco-friendly profile. With up to 45% of its weight in aluminium, TRAMAO ensures exceptional material quality and easy recyclability.

In summary, TRAMAO redefines the lighting landscape, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, making it an ideal choice for modern and eco-conscious spaces. Find out more about the range here > https://www.zumtobel.com/gb-en/products/tramao.html

About Zumtobel / Thorn:

Zumtobel THORN Approved Logo 2021

The Zumtobel Group aims to create wellbeing and improve people’s quality of life through light – as a group, and through all its individual brands, Thorn, Tridonic and Zumtobel. As a leading supplier of innovative lighting solutions, the Group offers its customers around the world a comprehensive portfolio, where the focus is invariably on people and their needs. The company’s know-how about the effects of light on people, acquired over decades, forms the basis for sustainable and future-oriented lighting solutions that are increasingly energy- and resource-efficient while providing the best possible quality of light. For further information, please visit https://z.lighting/en/group/company/

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