WBPS Cemented as Leaders in Power Innovation

Publishing Date: Dec 22, 2022

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Provision of backup project for government facility cements WBPS as leaders in power innovation

A critical power services provider since 1983, WB Power Services (WBPS) has been appointed to provide vital back-up power for a government funded testing facility.

The long-standing expertise of the business was sought by a consultant who asked for expert input into the scope, design, and installation of a power solution for a priority facility, to prevent a detrimental loss of power.

Delivering a comprehensive range of solutions across multiple industries, the commission involved developing a bespoke solution which called for several challenging infrastructure requirements.

With the primary installation of a 2MW generator, WBPS selected a T2200 Kohler unit as its range of bespoke features met the requirements of the project. This was supported with a 12,800 litre fuel tank, comprising of both a bulk and day unit, with the installation completed with a bespoke acoustic enclosure to reduce sound pollution. The project had additional fuel pipe work, adding further bespoke solutions. WBPS also identified the needs for an ongoing maintenance package, which would provide long-term support to the critical facility.


Delivering generating sets for critical power

The final solution comprised one T2200, 2000 kVA prime rated generating set installed in an acoustic container, along with an accompanying fuel management solution. The scope also included commissioning and testing, with training for the facilities engineering team. WBPS has provided a 12 month maintenance package to ensure the generator is kept in full working order for the facility.


Additional bespoke work included:

  • Low flow fan
  • Engine & alternator heaters
  • APM 403P control panel
  • Set mounted Schneider ACB with electronic trip
  • Dual batteries & 20A CHA
  • Lube oil make up system


Soundproofing for environmental benefits
WBPS enclosed the generating sets in a bespoke acoustic container featuring a penthouse inleet. This was designed to achieve a noise level of 75dBA @1m FFC. In addition, the enclosure housed a 2,800 litre day tank and an output connection panel. It was completed with:

  • Fire valve
  • Motor and gravity louvers
  • Leak detection
  • Lube oil make upfit out
  • Load bank connection cat flap

Further bespoke features include an exhaust system featuring a primary and secondary gas silencer system. The silencer was externally roof mounted in its own frame, made from stainless steel, and terminated in a horizontal tailpipe. The inclusion of a catalytic convertor delivers up to a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions.


Fuel Management 

The project had further unique features, in the form of a bespoke fuel management system, featuring a 2,800 litre day tank and 10m of mapress steel fuel pipework, designed by WBPS. This was located within the acoustic enclosure to the following specification:

  • Digital tank level indicator
  • Over/Under bund alarm
  • 2” over fill protection valve
  • Duty pump set and control panel

Comments WBPS Managing Director, Andy Wilmott: “Utilising our skilled team of engineers and project managers, we were able to create and implement a complete end to end solution for this client. Assessing the equipment required, reviewing functional needs and the ongoing support, the solution had to be bespoke. We worked very closely with the wider project team to ensure the power generation needs were not only met but were able to provide maximum delivery in the event of a power failure.


Commissioning and site testing 

The demands of this installation meant that WBPS positioned two of its engineers to be on-site for four days following the project deployment. They carried out a testing schedule which included:

  • G99 test
  • Site acceptance testing including a resistive load bank test
  • Fuel refil upon testing completion
  • Injection testing

Andy Wilmott concludes: “Its thanks to a coordinated and experienced team at WBPS that projects like this can be delivered to strict schedules and budget. Our ongoing project support for the onsite engineering team ensures peace of mind and quick responses to any challenges. Ultimately, this bespoke solution will ensure the site is able to keep running in the event of a power outage and delivers peace of mind for the client.


About WB Power Services

WBPS is a Leading Critical Power Specialist.

WB Power Services have been providing maintenance contracts for over 30 years.

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