Publishing Date: Mar 24, 2022

Datacentres for better security

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PRESS RELEASE: SDN Communications Data Centre northwest of Sioux Falls sometimes gets referred to as the Bunker, and now it’s going to double in size for potential future tenants.

“All of the real estate suites have been leased since our 2012 opening,” says SDN CEO Ryan Punt.


“We still have capacity in SDN’s  colocation space for carriers doing data delivery services, but there’s no square footage for other business ventures until we complete our expansion.”

A press release says SDN built it as an emergency backup facility for its 50,000-mile fibre network, which supports critical business and government data operations and the networks of its owner companies – the 17 independent broadband companies of South Dakota.

“It is the type of facility our customers expect SDN to have to ensure the constant connectivity services. That’s UPTIME,” Punt says.

SDN built the space bigger than it needed and other companies looking for data centre space quickly filled in. Now at least one tenant is exploring the need for added space, and there have been other inquiries, the report says.

“Two unique organisations reached out to us, not for data centre needs, but for the hardened construction of the building,” says SDN Vice President of Marketing Vernon Brown.


“They handle either critical functions that can’t be interrupted by weather or hold priceless elements that must be protected from weather events.”

Those prospects found other more immediate solutions, but it got the SDN team thinking there might be a local need for more hardened facilities and data centre space.

“A building like this takes time and expense to complete,” Punt says.


“We decided to construct the shell and some of the infrastructure, so we can react quickly when the next prospect approaches us for a build-to-suit space.”

The construction will add another 25,000-square-foot pod to the original structure. There’s room for another two pods of future construction of 50,000 square feet. Features of the space include:

  • 12-inch-thick concrete walls
  • No windows
  • Biometric security access
  • Stringent, multi-layered security control procedures
  • Dual authentication access control system
  • Diverse access to metro, state-wide and regional fibre networks
  • Direct access to popular content delivery networks
  • Access to Tier 1 network providers
  • Diverse access to metro, state-wide and regional fibre networks
  • Diverse power provider different from much of Sioux Falls
  • 2MW generator
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Monitored building management system
  • Specialised fire suppression and smoke detection
  • Dry agent fire suppression

Businesses looking for this kind of unique, hardened, and secure space can request qualified tours.

SDN owns 66 acres of land at the location. The area can’t be fully developed until the city sewer reaches the area. However, SDN has already created a preliminary master design just in case city growth outpaces its planned infrastructure build-out.


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