Publishing Date: Jan 05, 2024

Datacentres for better security

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The site is located within Ark’s Spring Park campus on Westwells Road, a high-security space already home to five other data centres.

A data centre is a location where information such as financial institutions’ customer account data is maintained and transactional processes are carried out.

According to the application, the centres at Ark’s Spring Park are used “to house critical computer systems and associated communications infrastructure crucial for the knowledge economy”.

The new building is proposed on the eastern corner of the established campus and will be protected by a perimeter fence.

Security officers ensure only authorised visitors or contractors are permitted onto site and can carry out vehicle searches prior to allowing access.

Permission for the new data centre was originally granted in April 2021, but this new application submitted on Tuesday, December 19, proposes “minimal” changes to access, circulation, parking, enclosure and landscaping plans.

These changes are described as subtle but important for the improvement to the performance of the data centre.

The application states: “The proposal is for a high quality development using quality materials expressed in a functional and elegant design that will enhance Ark’s established data centre campus.


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