Publishing Date: May 20, 2022

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PRESS RELEASE: Odata has invested 79 million dollars in the municipality of El Marqués, in Querétaro, called QR01, the data centre has 30,400 square meters of built area and generated 28 new jobs. Until now, the largest data centre in the country is located in Querétaro, and the construction of its first phase has just been completed. It is the hyperscale Data Centre of Odata, a Brazilian data centre firm, which inaugurated its first project in Mexico after an investment of 388 million reais ($79 million dollars). This is the first of a series of data centre investments in Querétaro state, which is also attracting global companies such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.

The project was called QR01, and is located in an area of ​​52,350 square meters in an industrial park in the municipality of El Marqués, in the state of Querétaro. This project occupies a built area of ​​30,400 square meters and could house the QR02, currently in planning. The first phase took 14 months to complete and welcomed its first data centre anchor customer in mid-April, a large provider of public cloud services that is kept confidential.

The data centres have a large power capacity, and the projected power capacity for this centre once it is fully operational will be 32MW (megawatts), estimated to be reached by 2026, meanwhile, the first phase has been commissioned with a installed capacity of 8.4 megawatts.



  • 52,350 M2 of total area
  • 2,700 m2 of raised floor
  • IT Power: 8.4 megawatts (medium density and carrier neutral connectivity)
  • 28 employees


Odata is in full expansion in Latin America, with projects for 320 million dollars in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, among others.

There is a great variety of potential clients for the hyperscale data centre and Querétaro has become a great attractor for them, for example, companies such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Oracle plan to establish their cloud operations on infrastructure built in said state del Bajío thanks to its economic conditions and strategic position. In addition to Odata, Equinix, KIO Networks and Banamex have data centres in Querétaro, and the Mexican data IT market is expected to grow 7% this year.


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