Publishing Date: Jul 21, 2021

Datacentres for better security

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PRESS RELEASE: maincubes is building another colocation in Schwalbach near Frankfurt-The Data centre will be characterized by its sustainability. Modern refrigeration with indirect free cooling in a closed circuit, efficient UPS systems with green power supply and planned waste heat use: the new energy-efficient FRA02 data centre from maincubes will be included in the Rhine-Main area from summer 2023 on around 7,000 square meters for IT white space and office space a connected load of 20 MW at the start. This offers a safe and, at the same time, climate-friendly home for IT infrastructures. “With FRA02 we are expanding our European data centre network with a focus on sustainability, with which we are making an important contribution to the green digital transformation. This is not only due to regulations that oblige every infrastructure provider to reduce CO2 emissions, but also because of our social and corporate responsibility,” says Oliver Menzel, CEO at maincubes. “Our goal is to operate our data centres on our own in a climate-neutral manner.” 

An ideal location

The choice fell on the Schwalbach am Taunus location in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt, both because of the good local conditions with regard to the existing electricity and telecommunications infrastructures and because of the existing framework conditions that enable sustainable data centre operation. On the one hand it is about the availability of renewable energies, which maincubes would like to obtain directly from the producers. On the other hand, maincubes can rely on the support of the city of Schwalbach. The city is very motivated to establish digital sustainable infrastructures. maincubes is investing a three-digit million amount with FRA02. Even the development of a digital campus in the industrial park could be possible in the future.

Sustainable operation

In addition to the power supply from renewable energy sources and the use of energy-efficient technologies, cooling is a central pillar of the climate-friendly design of FRA02, for which a cooling wall system is used. The Coolwall technology relies on large-area heat exchanger modules through which water flows for air conditioning. The pre-installation for server water cooling and immersion cooling is already taken into account in the air conditioning concept if a customer wants to use it with his IT infrastructure. The data centre is certified according to DIN-EN50600 VK3, whereby it even more than meets these requirements in the area of ​​power supply and thus in parts reaches availability class IV (VK4). “To ensure maximum energy efficiency and availability, For the uninterruptible power supply, we rely on rotating UPS systems in a special network, the so-called isolated-parallel bus (IP bus) and a kinetic flywheel energy storage device instead of a battery solution. This UPS system is set up with a high-availability redundancy special for the IP bus, ”explains Albrecht Kraas, CTO at maincubes.

Highest standards of security and data protection

Data protection and physical security are just as important for customers as climate-friendly IT infrastructures. Since maincubes also offers the highest standards here, a customer from the IT environment of the public sector has already decided in favour of FRA02 at the start of construction, with which the main part of the data centre is rented. Physical and electronic access control systems with biometric security features, an active security fence, access gates for people and vehicles as well as extensive organizational measures prevent the intrusion of unauthorized persons and offer comprehensive protection of the digital infrastructure.

“We are pleased that we were able to win an important customer and their trust with our new FRA02 data centre even before construction began, who chose maincubes not only because of the high availability of data centre operations, but also as a strategic partner in terms of sustainability. We should all take responsibility for this important topic and maincubes would like to set standards here. That is why we will work actively with our new and existing customers as well as with our partner network for the green digital transformation”, says Oliver Menzel, CEO of maincubes.

Further expansion

maincubes is already planning to build further sustainable data centres in the Rhine-Main area.

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