Crane Building Services & Why Choose Dominator Eco: A Sustainable Choice for Your Projects

Publishing Date: Jun 19, 2024

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Why Choose Dominator Eco: A Sustainable Choice for Your Projects

We're excited to share some fantastic news about our latest product, the Dominator Eco! We've completed the embodied carbon calculations, and the results are impressive:

8kgCO2e Savings per Valve: The Dominator Eco valve saves 8kg of CO2 equivalent compared to the original Dominator Peak Pro, achieving a 44% reduction in embodied carbon.

🔢 Massive Impact on Large Projects: Consider a typical large building project with 2,000 valves. By choosing the Dominator Eco, you could save an astounding 16,000kgCO2e (16 tonnes) in embodied carbon! That's a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in the extraction, transportation, and manufacturing processes.

🌍 Sustainable Choice: This 44% reduction is based on the CIBSE TM65 Calculation Methodology, ensuring that our calculations are accurate and reliable.

🔗 Why Use Dominator Eco?:

  • Environmental Impact: Reduce the carbon footprint of your projects significantly.
  • Compliance: Align with industry standards and sustainability goals.
  • Innovation: Benefit from advanced engineering designed to meet modern ecological requirements.

💼 Looking Ahead: Sharing our carbon savings data and methodologies is crucial because it builds trust with our customers and stakeholders. It also demonstrates our commitment to sustainable practices and encourages others in the industry to adopt similar measures. Transparency in our operations and product impact ensures that we are held accountable and continue to push for environmentally friendly innovations.

By integrating the Dominator Eco into your projects, you're not only enhancing efficiency but also making a positive impact on the environment.

For more details, visit our webpage Dominator Eco – Crane Fluid Systems ( and learn how you can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions with Dominator Eco.

About Crane Building Services

Crane Fluid Systems Connected Solutions offers a range of valves with smart capabilities to support building owners and operators.

In addition, there is a full range of commissioning valves for static and variable flow, which includes a range of DPCV’sPICV’s as well as prefabricated Dominator units.

Plus a portfolio of general valves – including ball, butterfly, check, gate, globe, radiator as well as drain cocks and strainers and a range of Public Health valves, that are designed for hot and cold water systems as well as malleable pipe fittings in iron and bronze.

Crane Fluid Systems product portfolio of valve are available as BIM ready product components.

Visit the DATACENTRE.ME Directory Listing for Crane Building Services here.


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