Circuit Breaker ZSI Capability in ETAP: Enhance Protection, Safety & Selectivity

Publishing Date: Jul 04, 2023

Datacentres for better security

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Circuit Breaker ZSI Capability in ETAP: Enhance Protection, Safety, and Selectivity – Register Now!

Discover how this powerful simulation tool evaluates, verifies, and confirms the operation and selectivity of the ZSI scheme for different types of faults. The ZSI capabilities empower engineers and professionals like you to take control of electrical power system protection and analysis, enhance safety, minimize equipment damage, and validate arc flash mitigation techniques and scenarios.

Key Points:

1.      Gain a comprehensive understanding of the ZSI scheme's significance in circuit breaker operations.

2.      Witness real-world case studies showcasing the benefits of utilizing ETAP for protection coordination and selectivity studies.

3.      Learn practical techniques to improve safety, reduce equipment damage, and validate arc flash mitigation strategies.

Engage in interactive Q&A sessions with our experts to address your specific challenges and requirements.

ETAP Solutions empower our customers to design and operate power systems with a fully integrated electrical digital twin platform. ETAP unlocks total efficiency and sustainability at all stages of the lifecycle across infrastructure, building, industry, and utilities.

We look forward to welcoming you to this insightful session and empowering you with the knowledge to enhance safety within your workplace.

July 5th, 9:00am PST

July 6th, 10:00am BST


Datacenter design and operations must allow for safety, reliability, efficiency, compliance, and sustainability throughout the life-cycle from design, commissioning to operations. Strengthen your organization with ETAP digital transformation solutions which increase design efficiency and provide deep operational insight for decision-makers, converting your data center power infrastructure from traditional to cutting-edge.

ETAP is utilized in mission critical facilities as an integrated electrical power system design and digital twin driven electrical control & power management system (EPMS).

  • Cloud Data Centers
  • Network Operations
  • Enterprise Managed Services
  • Telecom Centers
  • Co-Locations

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