ABM: Delivering award winning specialist data centre services for nearly four decades

Publishing Date: Jul 08, 2024

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ABM is a leading facilities and aviation solutions business; working behind the scenes to create places and spaces that run seamlessly and deliver excellent experience to the customers they serve. With a deep understanding of the sensitivity and importance of data centres in today’s digital economy, ABM’s Critical Solutions service has been delivering award-winning, specialist data centre services since 1987. This extensive experience in a niche market is underscored by the team’s commitment to quality and diligence in handling critical environments.

One of the notable features of ABM Critical Solutions is that 100% of its specialist trained technicians are directly employed; facilitating a high level of control and consistency in the services offering. All technicians undergo the same rigorous training and adhere to the company's standards and protocols. This self-delivery model is the engine behind the high quality and reliability of service delivery which ABM prides itself on.

ABM offers extensive reach, managing large-scale operations across various regions. Annually, the team provides critical services to over 600 large-scale data centres, operating in over 12 European countries. This international presence is complemented by multiple bases of operation within the United Kingdom and Ireland, located in key cities such as Glasgow, Chesterfield, Manchester, Bristol, Dublin and London. This widespread network ensures prompt and localised services to clients.

ABM Critical Solutions invests in people. With 20,000 person-days worked across critical environments annually, ABM has a significant workforce dedicated to maintaining the company’s exacting standards.

ABM Critical Solutions also invests in specialised training, within its dedicated data centre training facility. This facility plays a crucial role in maintaining high service standards by providing ongoing education and training to technicians, ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest techniques and industry best practices.

As a comprehensive provider of integrated facility management (FM) support services, ABM Critical Solutions offers a wide range of services. These include technical cleaning, integrated facilities solutions, general cleaning, security and front-of-house services, HVAC and mechanical services, electrical and lighting solutions, and raised access floors. This broad spectrum of services means that clients can rely on ABM for various aspects of their facility management needs, making them a one-stop, trusted provider.

For more information please contact: Michael.Sutton@abm.com


ABM Critical Solutions – Specialising in Deep Cleaning of Data Centres, Server Rooms, Computer Rooms and additional environmental services.

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