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Over a number of years, we have worked very closely with this global Data Centre operator to support in the design, supply installation and commissioning of a range of high quality and cost-effective generator packages of various ratings and configurations. To date we have designed, supplied, installed and commissioned nearly 120 generating sets of various ratings and configurations. All packages being designed to meet the power requirements of a particular data hall, the space envelope available for the generator package, scalability of the requirement as well as electrical distribution and level of operational redundancy required, all delivered to a very tight client driven programme.

To fully explore the innovative packages that WB Power Services have been able to offer this client, the power range flexibility offered by Kohler generating sets, control system flexibility, acoustic packaging option and fuel system options: this is the first of three different case studies we have prepared based on the work completed at this site and for this client.

The early design brief issued by the client sought for:

  • Scalability of standby power capacity to cater for a range of data hall footprints / capacities
  • Utilisation of the same generator building blocks for ease of maintainability and user familiarity
  • Control system adaptability with high levels of site wide connectivity
  • Good product adaptability but with short production times for shortest possible site build times

Early packages of five generating sets were matched to smaller data halls with, by today’s standards, relatively low power densities. Later data halls were configured with eight, and later nine, generating sets some using the same Kohler V715 (715kVA / 572W) or V770 (770kVA/615kVA) rating.


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Published 11th July 2024