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Read this case study from Legrand. It explores how Databalance became the first Dutch IT solutions provider to use Keor MOD UPS.

The Requirements

Databalance’s data centres form the backbone of the company’s services. It has two data centres of its own and also uses external data centres. A new building was constructed for Databalance as part of an expansion project, which included a new data centre. The data centre met all the applicable standards, but Databalance wanted maximum efficency and quality. So, a plan was developed to add a second data centre inside the same building, constructed to the highest standards.

As a company, Databalance likes to see high quality standards and a cultural fit with not only its customers, but its suppliers too. Legrand offered just that. After seeing Minkels' ( a Legrand brand) cabinets at a co-located data centre, Databalance recognised a shared desire for perfection.

During the planning Databalance encountered space limitations so began to look for UPSs that they could integrate into the cabinets, as this would save a lot of floor space. They didn't ever think there could be any flexible and small footprint UPSs that could deliver the power they needed.

The Solution

Legrand met the challenge by suggesting installation of the Keor MOD UPS. Minkels built the corridors and did the necessary customisation for the installation of the UPS. Legrand did the actual installation work. This made Databalance the first company in the Netherlands to be using them.

Customisation was offered on all fronts resulting in an impressive technical achievement with a special hot corridor with in-row cooling.

The Outcome

This was a complex project with a huge number of components that had to be integrated into the data centre. The small spaces were a particular challenge, but Legrand took a proactive, problem solving approach, keeping the client informed every step of the way.

The end result has enabled Databalance to make significant savings in terms of floor space and energy costs. The Keor MOD UPSs has made the data centre a lot more efficient and something to be proud of. Although daunting to be the first user of the Keor MOD UPS, it was seen as great opportunity to ‘innovate together'.

To find out more, read the full Legrand case study entitled: Databalance Becomes First Dutch IT Solutions Provider to Use Keor MOD UPS. This is available via the link found further down this page.


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Published 7th June 2022