Automatic Systems – A Guide to Data Centre Security

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Automatic Systems – A Guide to Data Centre Security

Read this guide from Automatic Systems that looks at what should be considered when looking to secure Research Facilities and Data Centres.

The Requirements

Every building requires a level of security. Whether it is high, medium or low risk is down to the individual business and what specific requirements they have.

The level of both physical and network security required for Research Facilities and Data Centres is high priority.

The following factors in relation to physical security should be addressed:

External Security
Protecting the outer perimeter of the building – the first line of defence against intruders

Internal Security
Protecting the entrances and interior of the building – limiting site access points to gain more control


By ensuring that all levels of security measures from the outer perimeter to internal protection measures are met, your business is at much less risk of unauthorised entry.

The Outcome

Learn more about how you can secure your Data Centres and Research Facilities by reading the full guide from Automatic Systems available via the link found further down this page.

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Published 11th November 2021