Samsung Introduces New Ultra High-Capacity SSD

Jul 23, 2013

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The annual Samsung SSD Global Summit exhibition is an opportunity for the company to showcase its brand-new solid-state disks (SSD) before a captive audience consisting of technology bloggers and members of the media. Samsung did not waste the opportunity this year, unveiling several new models including two new ultra high-capacity, high-speed disks. This year's event was presented under the theme ‘SSD for everyone’. The point of the theme was to demonstrate how Samsung has moved beyond just producing high-capacity SSDs for enterprise deployment and into technologies that will be useful in consumer electronics such as smart phones and laptop computers. The crown jewel of this year's exhibition was the 840 EVO SSD. This 1 TB disk is a consumer-oriented product aimed at entry-level applications for consumer electronics. It is a SATA-based disk. At the enterprise level, Samsung unveiled a 1.6 TB NVMe disk designated as the XS1715. Both products demonstrate an ongoing commitment to further developing the SSD market. Already Samsung's contributions have clouded the future of the HDD sector. All signs point to the eventual phasing out the more antiquated hardware in favour of solid-state design. SSDs allow for more compact deployments, greater storage capacity, and certainly more speed. They are ideal for enterprise applications because they offer everything the heavy-duty user needs in a small package and with an affordable price tag. The company's strategy for entering the consumer market involves making the 840 EVO available to electronics manufacturers later this summer. After assessing the success of that venture, the company will decide how to expand into other markets in the future. However, make no mistake about it; their market share will grow. It should be no surprise that Samsung is leading the SSD industry, given the fact that they were the ones to first bring SATA SSDs to market. Their products are among the most popular for use in ultra-compact notebooks and enterprise servers. There's no reason to suspect that will change in the future.

Riding the New Technology Wave

Samsung high-capacity, high-speed SSD have arrived at the perfect time for almost every technology company in need of computer storage. In the world of IT, they are the ideal solution for an Internet that is increasingly more focused on automation and virtualisation. SSDs provide the speed and raw power with smaller space requirements and less energy consumption. As new solid-state drives become more advanced, there's no doubt they will completely replace HDD technology at both the consumer and enterprise levels. The only question now is how long it will take. If Samsung's latest releases are any indication, it shouldn't be too much longer. New data centres and server manufacturers would be foolish to sidestep this technology at this point in the game. There's really no longer a need to employ old storage paradigms when SSDs are so advanced. As for existing servers, it's only a matter of time before they're all switched over to high-capacity SSDs. We can hardly wait for next year's Samsung SSD Global Summit…