Cooling Key for Modular Data Centres

Apr 17, 2013

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Probably the most significant design discussion point when considering a modular data centre is cooling. Most current solutions typically utilise fresh air cooling technology, which mostly achieve the level of efficiency owners and operators are looking for.

However, as well as introducing a number of fundamental design considerations they can also significantly impact on uptime and create unnecessary risk. This is because legacy designs for chilled water systems especially those that have higher levels of availability have been expensive and difficult to design into modular solutions, but this is where we are now seeing the marketplace going.

Increasingly, we are seeing the need for modular and standardised data centre cooling solutions that do not use direct fresh air. This is why we have developed Ecofris which sits at the centre of our modular blueprint designs, providing a flexible building independent approach that can be tailored for specific business requirements.

This approach to the design delivers high levels of performance with rack power densities up to and in some cases in excess of 30kW per rack position as well as high levels of resilience and scalability.

Posted by Matt Dyke, Keysource