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How to Choose a Modular UPS – White Paper from Huawei


This white paper from Huawei describes how, in recent years, traditional data centers have faced fast transformation. This can be attributed to recent rapid development of big data and cloud computing. As a key part of the power supply and distribution system of a data center, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) changes also.

Modular UPS technology gradually matures, so more and more users have used or are considering using modular UPSs when constructing new data centers. Users' requirements including environment protection, high efficiency, easy capacity expansion, and easy maintenance, are met. Vendors successively launch large-capacity modular UPS. The market position of the traditional tower-mounted UPS is in decline.

Furthermore, there is a large amount of promotion information about the modular UPS in the market place. Faces with such a variety of vendors and different technical opinions, many UPS users can become confused about how to choose a proper modular UPS. This document answers these questions.


This White Paper concludes:

When choosing a modular UPS a customer needs to consider multiple factors. These are referenced in the table within the white paper. Including factors such as:

  • External features (such as volume and weight, system capacity and capacity and weight of a module)
  • Electrical properties (such as efficiency, input/output PF, hibernation and energy saving and harmonic current and current equalization rate)
  • System design (for example control mode of a power module and bypass control mode)
  • Usability design (including hot swap and system monitoring mode)
  • Manufacturing process (including manufacturing process of mechanical parts, environmental defense and key components)
  • Post-sales service (examining strength and post-sales services of a vendor)

White Paper from Huawei

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