Huawei White Paper – Development of the UPS Architecture

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Development of the UPS Architecture – White Paper from Huawei



This white paper from Huawei describes how, in recent years, with the rapid development of big data and cloud computing, traditional data centers face fast transformation. As a key part of the power supply and distribution system of a data center, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) also changes. More and more UPS vendors pay attention to key features such as reliability, high-efficiency, usability, and simple maintenance.
Since its generation, what changes has the UPS experienced? What causes these changes? What are the mainstream products on market currently? This document answers these questions.


This White Paper concludes:

According to the whole development process of the UPS, the UPS is generally developing toward higher efficiency and easy installation and maintenance based on the high reliability. After the transformer-based UPS develops to the transformer-less UPS, a lot of types of the transformer-less UPS are created, such as the tower-mounted UPS, quasi-modular UPS, and modular UPS. In terms of the whole trend of the UPS, the transformer-less modular UPS is the main trend.

White Paper from Huawei

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