Vattenfall IDNO – An Introduction to Independent Distribution Network Operators

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Vattenfall IDNO White Paper 

An Introduction to Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO)


Traditionally all new residential, commercial and industrial developments were connected to the electricity supply network through one of the 14 Distribution Network Operators (DNO), which each cover a specific geographic region of the UK.

Since 2000, Ofgem has licenced Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNO). The aim was to increase competition in the market and prevent inevitable geographic monopolies by allowing IDNOs and Independent Connection Providers (ICP) to compete with the DNOs to complete some connection activities as well as manage new sections of the network.

The new framework, in which IDNOs and DNOs can connect developments to the electricity grid, means that developers now have a choice of network provider. They can select one of the 13 licenced IDNOs or the DNO that covers the local area.


Licenced IDNOs give developers a choice for the design, construction and ongoing operation of new networks. IDNOs can offer greater efficiency and flexibility in the connection process as well as financial advantages in the form of Asset Adoption Value payments.

A long history and strong position in the European energy sector means developers can rely on Vattenfall to help them achieve their objectives. Its commitment to sustainability means Vattenfall is the ideal partner for generation or demand projects where low carbon technology is a central element


Vattenfall IDNO provides UK Data Centres with strong commercial offers for new grid connections, optimised for future power demands.

Vattenfall IDNO is an Ofgem regulated Independent Distribution Network Operator. We own and maintain electrical network infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable supplies for our customers.

As a regulated IDNO we are licenced to work anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.

Partnering with Vattenfall IDNO provides Data Centres with multiple benefits:

  • Smoother management of DNO/National Grid and Independent Connection Providers (ICPs)
  • O&M and supply chain presence throughout the UK to meet strict data centre uptime requirements
  • Class leading integration of remote monitoring


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