Huawei White Paper – Lithium-ion Battery Resource Pooling

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Lithium-ion Battery Resource Pooling – White Paper from Huawei



This white paper from Huawei describes how lithium-ion batteries have many advantages, such as small size, light weight, and a long service life. An increasing number of data centres use Lithium-ion batteries to replace traditional lead acid batteries. To improve reliability, data centres usually use the dual-bus and multi-bus architecture.
The number of batteries increases in proportion to the number of UPSs. As a result, the cost of devices, equipment rooms, and load bearing increases. Lithium-ion battery resource pooling can reduce the customer's initial investment by sharing battery strings while satisfying the customer's reliability requirements. This document describes Lithium-ion battery resource pooling and problems solved by this solution.


In Conclusion:

The Lithium-ion battery resource pooling solution shares batteries of the 2N system, and therefore the battery system is not completely physically isolated, which affects the reliability. However, with this system, the Lithium-ion battery uses the current balancing adjustment function of the built in intelligent management module and the joint power supply function of the UPS to implement battery resource sharing in a 2N system, effectively reducing system costs.

In addition, technical control solves problems such as fault isolation, phased capacity expansion, and capacity tests for battery strings in this scenario, greatly improving system reliability and availability. Compared with the 2N system using traditional lead acid batteries, the resource pooling system eliminates the cost bottleneck. The system also provides strong support for replacing lead acid batteries with Lithium-ion batteries in data centers.

White Paper from Huawei

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