FlaktGroup White Paper – Minimising the Risk of Transmission for AHUs with Thermal Wheels

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Minimising the Risk of Transmission for AHUs with Thermal Wheels


This white paper from FlaktGroup examines the safety of ventilation systems, which have been a focus of attention due to the pandemic.

They look into a ventilation guidance document which identifies the three principle types of Air Handling Units (AHU) and the associated risks of recirculating contaminated air.

  1. Run around coils (RAC),
  2. Plate heat exchangers
  3. Thermal wheels

It continues in detailing safety considerations when operating AHUs with Thermal wheels.

This White Paper concludes:

AHUs with rotors can have an EATR equivalent or lower than plate heat exchangers if the fans are in the recommended configuration, and the unit is fitted with a purge sector.

Many existing installations could safely be put back into operation, but it would be prudent to get a competent engineer to undertake a survey to ensure the unit is in the recommended configuration and fitted with a purge sector. For additional security adding pressure control would be advised.

White Paper from FlaktGroup

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