Court Clears Way for New Apple Data Centre in Ireland

The Commercial Court with jurisdiction over County Galway in western Ireland recently dismissed two cases, clearing the way for Apple to take the next steps in developing a group of data centres planned for the county. Apple will spend upwards of €850 million (£762...

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Christmas Flooding a Reminder of Technology’s Limits

The Christmas holiday season is usually one of general good cheer. For those living in the northernmost portions of England however, the 2015 holiday season brought with it severe rain and floods. The flooding was so bad in Leeds that the water knocked out data and...

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Internet Access from a Light Bulb: Li-Fi Is Here

Imagine working in an office where turning on the lights also meant turning on internet access; an office where you could go online and do what you do up to 100 times faster than you currently do with wi-fi. It may sound the stuff of futuristic films, but it is now...

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