How Do We Balance Security with Personal Privacy?

As the whole world knows by now, March 22nd2017 was a deadly day in London. A man identified as Khalid Masood drove a rental car onto the pavement as he crossed Westminster Bridge, purposely hitting pedestrians as he made his way directly to the Houses of Parliament,...

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UK Government Embarks on New Digital Strategy

The UK has been a world leader in digital technology and the digital economy for a while now. More importantly, our position as a world leader is not something we have come by through mere accident or coincidence. It has been a concerted effort by government leaders...

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Fighting Back against ‘Marketing Technology’

If you're planning on shopping in a brick-and-mortar Amazon outlet - slated to appear on UK high streets in the near future - you're likely to encounter the retail giant's checkout-free model that utilises face recognition and other technologies to eliminate the need...

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‘Right to Disconnect’ Takes Effect in France

At the end of a long work day, you expect to be able to go home to family, sit down to a good meal and relax for the rest of the evening. You hope to be able to spend weekends doing what you enjoy rather than having to worry about what awaits at the office on Monday...

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Google Approaching 100% Renewable Energy Target

For years, Google has been working on erasing its carbon footprint by powering more and more of its operations via renewable energy sources. Now it appears that the company is on the verge of reaching its 100% renewable energy target by sometime in 2017. Google is...

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ICO Offers Holiday Security Tips to Government Agencies

It's not often that a blog post issued by a government agency is a combination of useful information and holiday festiveness. But, thanks to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and enforcement team manager Laura Middleton, government IT workers have a reason to...

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Russia Blocks LinkedIn: A Sign of Things to Come?

It's official. After months of threatening LinkedIn with a block of its services in Russia, the Russian communications regulator has followed through. It all stems from a dispute over whether LinkedIn would comply with Russian laws requiring information pertaining to...

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The Challenges of Going Global in Today’s Digital Economy

There are many popular brands here in the UK that are also well-known across the world, including fast-food restaurant chains, clothing shops, technology companies and many more. However, the vast majority of these companies didn’t start out with a global presence –...

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DDoS Attack on the US: We Still Haven’t Figured It Out

Every day, the world's future cyber security specialists attend classes wherein they learn the latest strategies for preventing network breaches. They learn from their instructors, practice defensive techniques on laboratory computers and take tests to earn their...

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Security Breaches to Cost More Beginning in 2018

The last thing any company wants is to find itself victimised by hackers. Between the poor publicity and the fines that may be imposed, suffering a security breach is bad for business. And it's about to get worse. Once new EU fines are implemented in 2018, being...

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