Bray Controls

With 20 years of experience and an installed base of over 400 Data Centre projects across the globe, Bray has unique and innovative flow control solutions that provide dependable and continuous service in mission critical infrastructure projects, making Bray the...

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EAE Elbagate - your reliable and innovative manufacturer to serve critical Data Center infrastructure. Visit the EAE Data Center page to see how our products fit for YOUR facility: 

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Aermec UK Ltd

When it comes to data centre cooling, Aermec are experts. Aermec offers a variety of differing solutions, in accordance with the specific characteristics of each data centre, the geographical conditions and the user’s requirements: these range from chilled water...

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The future of datacentre infrastructure & facilities is changing - new technology, materials and ways of handling data. SPIE has the agility to support these changes. Data Centre offerings Hyperlink 

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