Wesco Anixter

Wesco Anixter Data Center Solutions We build, connect, power and protect the world. Delivering ingenuity and expertise to approximately 150,000 customers worldwide, Wesco Anixter helps your business run smoothly by providing data center solutions that can increase...

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With an emphasis on Energy Efficiency, Reliability and Sustainability Entropic provides high quality ventilation and cooling solutions for all types and sizes of Data Centres from Enterprise level to Hyperscale.

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Capital Switchgear

Capital Switchgear is a leading  Low Voltage switchgear manufacturer for mission-critical projects.   With completed confidential projects across Europe, the Middle East, and as far as Australia, we have proven ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner for Data...

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Jack Waghorn International Ltd

We are specialists in the installation & removal of high value/high tech machinery within the food & drinks, pharmaceutical, high-performance engine, aerospace and Data Centre construction sectors.  We work on many different project types, from fast response...

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Provides Metalmeccanica S.r.l.

Pro-X designs, tests and manufactures passive cooling systems for data centre and electronic equipment. Our expertise allows to reject the heat from the most challenging processing units with compression devices.

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