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DATACENTRE.ME have teamed up with the best PR specialists in the industry to provide affordable yet specialist press release writing and distribution, feature article writing and a range of other PR services on an ad-hoc on-demand basis.

Datacentres for better security

Your challenge

Do any of these sound familiar?


Your competitors receive all the attention

Despite the fact that you are one of the leaders in the data centre, electrical, networking, facilities management, M&E, HVAC and IT industry, your competitors tend to be featured in the press much more often?

Introducing yourself to new clients feels like a chore

Imagine your products and services getting featured regularly in news and articles that your prospects, customers and consultants are reading. How much easier would it be, turning a prospect into a paying client?

You wonder whether setting up a dedicated PR Team inhouse is worth it?

While you are definitely interested in getting the word out about your company, hiring several staff to do PR inhouse seems like a very expensive approach that will hardly be worth it.

Professional PR Services

A scalable solution for the data centre industry

DATACENTRE.ME has teamed up with the number one Public Relations specialists in our sector to provide the following:

Press release writing and distribution

Leave it to our PR specialists to prepare your press release in time and get it published in a variety of outlets that will resonate with your client base.

Feature article writing

Our copywriters have several years of industry experience and they can ensure that your contents will be found on the internet and connect with the right audience.

Additional PR services

Whether you need us to reach out to social media channels or traditional press, we can assist you on an on-demand basis.

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