Vattenfall IDNO – Accelerating UK electrification

Publishing Date: Jul 27, 2023

Datacentres for better security

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Vattenfall Networks have launched a new survey to determine how the UK's businesses are progressing towards net zero.

If your business has a Net Zero or carbon reduction plan please spare 60 seconds to add your voice to the survey. There are just 5 multiple-choice questions and you opinion matters!

Vattenfall are working to accelerate UK electrification in several industries, including data centres.

Vattenfall IDNO helps connect business and renewable energy projects to the electricity grid more quickly and efficiently and Vattenfall Networks offers funding, design, installation and ongoing support for solar PV, batteries, electric vehicle charging hubs and other electrical infrastructure projects. if you have any electrification issues or new projects which require expert electrical support or funding please get in touch with Vattenfall directly.


Vattenfall IDNO provides UK Data Centres with strong commercial offers for new grid connections, optimised for future power demands.

Vattenfall IDNO is an Ofgem regulated Independent Distribution Network Operator. We own and maintain electrical network infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable supplies for our customers.

As a regulated IDNO we are licenced to work anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales.

Partnering with Vattenfall IDNO provides Data Centres with multiple benefits:

  • Smoother management of DNO/National Grid and Independent Connection Providers (ICPs)
  • O&M and supply chain presence throughout the UK to meet strict data centre uptime requirements
  • Class leading integration of remote monitoring

Visit the DATACENTRE.ME Directory Listing for Vattenfall IDNO here.


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