Publishing Date: Oct 19, 2023

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Vantage Data Centres, a leading global provider of hyperscale data centre campuses, today announced the delivery of the third and final facility (WA13) on its Quincy, Washington, campus (WA1). The milestone was celebrated this afternoon with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by several local officials.

Vantage’s 530,000 square-foot WA13 data centre adds 64MW of IT capacity to the 68-acre campus, now totaling 89MW across nearly 775,000 square feet and three facilities. WA13 aligns with Vantage’s “sustainable by design” principles and supports a number of green features, including a closed loop air cooled chiller system and Tier 4 generators to reduce particulate and nitric oxide (NO) emissions. The campus is powered by Grant County Public Utility District (GCPUD), which owns and operates two large scale hydroelectric dams producing an average of 1,050MW of reliable, clean renewable energy annually and representing more than 66% hydroelectric power of its energy mix.

Data centres are a crucial component of Quincy’s economy. According to Grant County, the assessed value of the greater Quincy area is projected to be more than $8 billion in 2024 with more than half coming from the data centre sector. The tax revenue generated by Vantage and other data centre providers helps fund local institutions, such as a new modern hospital that is currently being built and a state-of-the-art high school that was constructed in 2019. The industry also creates thousands of high-paying, long-term jobs, which provide economic diversity and stability to rural communities in the State of Washington. For every two people hired by a data centre provider, approximately five additional jobs are created, as per the Grant County Economic Development Council.

“Since we entered the Quincy market in 2011, Vantage has invested more than $1 billion in the development of this campus and directly contributed to the employment of local residents further boosting the greater Quincy economy,” said Simon Casey, vice president of construction, North America at Vantage. “We’ve also been incredibly pleased to be part of this growing, close-knit community, and our team takes great pride in being an active corporate citizen by working closely with and supporting local organizations such as the Quincy Chamber of Commerce, the Quincy Community Food Bank, Veterans Operation Creation and the Grant County Industrial Alliance.

“In addition, Vantage appreciates the work of our local legislators, including Senator Judy Warnick, Representative Tom Dent and Representative Alex Ybarra, along with the Port of Quincy and the Grant County Economic Development Council, for their support of the rural data center tax incentive which has helped to promote the development and construction of data centers in rural areas of Washington State such as Quincy. We are also grateful for GCPUD’s partnership in powering our data centers and appreciate the utility’s ongoing efforts to improve transmission infrastructure, capacity and reliability in Quincy and elsewhere in Grant County. We look forward to a continued, productive partnership with GCPUD as we grow together in the region, as well as expanding our community partnerships to enable a bright future for residents.”

“It’s great to be part of Vantage’s ribbon-cutting celebration as they open the doors of their newest data centre in Quincy,” said Curt Morris, chair and president of the Port of Quincy. “Vantage continues to grow its presence in our community, contributing to job creation and tax revenues to fund meaningful projects and services for our residents. We appreciate their support, and we’re excited to continue our partnership to make Quincy a place where our citizens can thrive.”

Since the start of construction in late 2022, the WA13 team completed more than 828,000 working hours with zero lost time incidents. Key design and construction partners include Corgan Architects and DPR Construction.


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