Publishing Date: Mar 28, 2022

Datacentres for better security

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PRESS RELEASE: Subisu has brought its largest modular data centre into operation. One of the kind, it is the largest data centre to come into use in Nepal.

Nepal’s one of the leading ISPs Subisu Cablenet Ltd. has started a modular data centre. Set up at Baluwatar, the company started building its data centre during the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally, after two years, it has come into formal operation.

Subisu has fitted in it, advanced hardware that is efficient and durable. According to Ram Krishna Pariyar, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the company all the necessary materials such as racks and switches for the data centre came from Vertiv. Vertiv is an American equipment supplier for data centres.

Subisu has also arranged for an alternative power backup during outages. The company has set up a double power system with a capacity of 40 kW in the first and 70 kW in the second line. These are arranged in two lines with 8×8 racks to keep the data centre running round the clock.

In terms of capacity, the data centre has a server running with a 16 Tbps download and upload speed. Subisu says its modular data centre has ‘One Plus One’ protection.

Subisu has brought the data centre for its own service upgrade. But the CTO Pariyar says it will be open to use for other companies in the future.

For its protection, the data centre is installed at a separate building and can withstand tremors up to 8 Richter Scale. It can also receive and execute commands remotely. Pariyar also shared that the data centre is a tier 2.5 hardware in ratings but it has not been officially measured.


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