Publishing Date: Feb 24, 2021

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The choice of the transfer solution & its impact on power availability

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Socomec Webinar

Tuesday 10th March 2021

9am – 10am GMT

This webinar will provide an opportunity to consider the key criteria of transfer switching equipments that manage the redundancy of the power supply at the head of the installation. By comparing the different technologies available to designers, we will help you identify the elements that make it possible to design an installation with optimised availability.


  1. Introduce some important keys for selecting the right Transfer Switch Equipment (TSE) such as:
  •  Standards environment
  •  Types & classes
  •  Location from the main switchboard
  •  Loads criticality – Comparison of technologies based on quantity of devices, footprint and cost
  1. Compare technologies based on:
  • Short parallel
  •  Coordination
  •  Emergency situation
  •  Safety
  • Replacement feature
  •  Forms of separation
  •  Command logic
  1. Compare power availability given by different technologies and applied to:
  • Simple architecture with 2 sources
  • More complex architecture with more sources

Speaker: Jérémie PLEYNET – Electrical engineer with 12 years of experience – Over 400 accredited presentations to 7000 end-users or consultants.

You can register for this event here.


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