Publishing Date: Apr 19, 2021

Datacentres for better security

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Modular UPS Webinar Week April 19 – 23 BST: 9AM-9.30 AM


Socomec has democratised big data centre technology – to redefine Modular UPS.

With more than 20 years of experience in developing and supplying modular solutions, Socomec’s Modulys solutions provide the ultimate availability, scalability and extended lifetime to critical applications in IT infrastructures.

Based on proven technology – with several thousand modular systems in the field – the range is available from 2.5 kW to 4800 kVA/kW and has been described as the gold standard in terms of power scalability and risk-free maintenance in a truly online modular format.

Safe and easy deployment

No matter whether an installation is focused and compact or seriously super-scaled, installations are guaranteed to be safe and uncomplicated – for everyone.

The unique flexibility of the modular system de-risks late-stage specification changes or last-minute on-site adaptations, and standardised bricks mean that customisation is quick and easy.

Pre-engineered asset installation means that cabling challenges are a non-issue and the easy configuration display delivers exactly what it promises.  Combined with guaranteed future hardware and firmware compatibility, installation has been carefully designed to be as easy as it gets.

The 5-minute, zero risk hot-scale

True modularity means that a module can be added or removed while the load is fully protected and with zero risk of human error.  The scalability is fast and fool proof – with no engineering skills required, no specific software tools or complex procedures.  The simple plug-in process means that there are no requirements to place “hands inside” – nor are there any complicated cabling reconfigurations to grapple with, therefore eliminating potential mistakes or hazards. Simplicity itself, additional modules self-test and auto-configure and the hassle-free automatic connection / disconnection ensures operator safety at all times.

Not all modular UPS systems are created equal

Can you carry out a module hot swap in just 5minutes?
Are you sure your UPS has no single point of failure?
Can you perform truly online risk-free maintenance?
Are you certain that your system won’t propagate faults?

If the answer is no, then let us introduce you to your new modular.
5 daily sessions on everything you need to know about Modular UPS.

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Service continuity is a major challenge for data centres. To achieve this, the reliability, quality and maintainability of the power supply are key factors.

Our high performance and high-availability innovations help you ensure the service quality of your data centre and therefore meet your customers’ requirements.


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