RiT Tech – Elite coaching for data centres

Publishing Date: Mar 07, 2023

Datacentres for better security

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Elite coaching for data centres

RiT Tech’s reputation for developing ‘game changing’ technologies for the data centre sector and sharpening the competitive edge of its international clients has been recognised for a second successive year by the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA).

The Kfar Saba-based business has been awarded funding to advance its risk prediction and proactive mitigation recommendations capability, which once fully matured will warn of any potential asset and system failures and propose strategies to evade them.

Autonomously analysing big data harvested from across a data centre’s entire ecosystem, the hi-tech solution down selects the most effective and efficient course of action – or inaction – to take and is the technological equivalent of recruiting an elite sports coach, according to RiT Tech’s head of product and innovation.

No matter the sporting discipline, athletes and teams at the top level look for marginal gains, those incremental advantages that accrue to produce optimal performance – whereas our system will go the extra mile, delivering major gains to data centre owners,” explained Jeff Safovich.

Just as winning on a basketball court or football pitch is a team effort, the smooth running of a data centre is dependent on a holistic approach; having all its ‘players’ working in unison and complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”


Our risk prediction and proactive mitigation recommendations project is focussed on achieving that effect,” Safovich continued. “It will collect and analyse metrics of all types in granular detail and flag statistically significant trends just like the best footballing scout; it will be able to identify the best formation and tactics for specific ‘match’ scenarios and it will do so much quicker – and with far less margin of error – than any human.

Importantly, like the best coaches, such a capability is not reliant on having the best or newest equipment to work with, it will find the winning formula by orchestrating its composite parts to optimal effect.


Describing the IIA award as the initiative’s first major victory, Safovich concluded: “The team at RiT Tech are immensely proud to receive this further endorsement from the IIA – an organisation that applies a rigorous criterion to funding applications and only issues awards to those businesses breaking new ground.

To be recognised for a second year is tremendous and is another confirmation of our Universal Intelligent Infrastructure Management strategy and vision.



Headquartered in Israel, RiT Tech is a leading provider of converged IT infrastructure management and connectivity solutions for over 30 years. RiT offers an open-framework platform that provides a unified way to manage converged systems and services, to improve resource utilisation, streamline infrastructure operations, reduce operational cost, optimise future investments and to enhance data security. RiT also offers high-performance, end-to-end structured cabling solutions.

RiT’s pioneering R&D Centre in Israel is the birthplace of AIM – Automated Infrastructure Management, which is now integrated into ISO/IEC 18598. RiT’s data-centric approach facilitates intelligent, big data solutions to complex business problems, deployed around the world in data centres, large corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, telecommunications, airport authorities, healthcare organisations and educational facilities.

For more information please visit: http://rittech.com

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