Publishing Date: Jun 02, 2020

Datacentres for better security

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Digital infrastructure enRIT TECH INVITES YOU TO A DEMO OF THEIR HYBRID DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION, XPEDITEvironments are becoming ever more complex and the need to integrate new and different data sources only increases that complexity further.  This makes it even more important to manage the systems effectively in order to reduce costs as far as possible.  Set this against the backdrop that uptime and availability of services are paramount, which means that transparency of systems is essential.

Use the contact details below to set up a personal demo and Rit Tech will show you how to automate your infrastructure, using real-time data from disparate sources, all integrated into a single source of truth, with workflow that reflects your business processes.  XpedITe offers:

* Rapid implementation and time to value

* Full capacity #planning and management, including connectivity

* Internal company policies programmed in

* Automation made possible by full-stack integration, including the IT stack

To see how you deliver ROI on hybrid digital infrastructure management (HDIM), please click here to view our videos.

For more information or to obtain your personal invitation to An XpedITe demo please email Venessam@rittech.com.

 About Rit Tech:

Headquartered in Israel, RiT Tech is a leading provider of converged IT infrastructure management and connectivity solutions for over 30 years.  RiT offers an open-framework platform that provides a unified way to manage converged systems and services, to improve resource utilisation, streamline infrastructure operations, reduce operational cost, optimise future investments and to enhance data security.  RiT also offers high-performance, end-to-end structured cabling solutions.

RiT’s pioneering R&D Centre in Israel is the birth place of AIM – Automated Infrastructure Management, which is now integrated into ISO/IEC 18598. RiT’s data-centric approach facilitates intelligent, big data solutions to complex business problems, deployed around the world in data centres, large corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, telecommunications, airport authorities, healthcare organisations and educational facilities.

For more information, please visit www.rittech.com

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