Purify and decontaminate your indoor air with AP BIO from FlaktGroup

Publishing Date: Dec 01, 2020

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Purify and decontaminate your indoor air with AP BIO
100% deactivation of bacteria and viruses, including Sars-CoV-2

99.9% kill rate with no UV/ UV-c. Air Purifier AP BIO

FläktGroup UK would like to introduce the new AP-Bio Air Purifier as part of the Pure+ range the product is the most efficient and effective way to tackle airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria in almost any closed environment.

AP BIO is the only bio-decontaminating technology which retains and deactivates bacteria and viruses including Sars-CoV-2 responsible for Covid-19.

It purifies the air of dust and other particles. It is a mobile unit which can easily be moved to different rooms and used in a very flexible way.

FlaktGroup Air Purifier

  • Flow range up to 2400 m3 / h (3 models available)
  • 50% ePM1 miniplus filters (F7) which retain fine particles & absolute HEPA filters (H14) with the bio-decontaminating solution AirFendTM which protect against bacteria and viruses
  • Flow rate adjustment control panel
  • Filter clogging indicator light
  • Epoxy painted galvanized steel casing
  • Sound trap (on model 2400)
  • Fan with EC IE4 motor
  • Easy push-pull opening and closing grid
  • Changing used filters quickly and safely
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