Phoenix Contact’s Solution for your Data Centre Infrastructure Needs!

Publishing Date: Jan 24, 2024

Datacentres for better security

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Data centres is growing at a rapid rate. Now more than ever a datacentres ecosystem is the backbone to ensuring its optimal performance, from the Energy it uses to its security and clean environment for safe and efficient operation. Equally nowadays sustainability is the driving factor of new data centres. Especially when it comes to, the controls:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Electricity
  • Fire
  • Security
  • Lighting


Every organisation can play a part to reducing their carbon footprint. The way we see this being achieved is through measures that ensure the building is kept running optimally.

As our society is moving at an exponential rate towards the digital realm, so too, are the requirements for making our data centres more efficient and sustainable.

We, Phoenix Contact are a manufacturer in Industrial Control & Automation Technology.

We believe that our solution, the ILC2050 BI controller can make your Datacentre smart while achieving minimal downtime. Our hardware solution is further complimented by using Tridium’s Niagara N4 software framework and a key factor such as for what ethernet switch with redundancy such as RSTP and static routes. The Niagara framework supports extensive protocols allowing our hardware to provide streamlined integration. Protocols such as:

  • DALI2
  • BACNet MS-TP / IP
  • Modbus TCP / RTU
  • M-Bus
  • OPC UA
  • & More!

The design can be scaled to meet many types of applications in addition to meeting a compact 80mm width panel footprint before any IO modules are connected. These further aids legacy systems in existing control panels, while offering a low & high scalable IO solution.

The advantages of using our ILC 2050 controller:

  1. Connection of up to 63 IO modules providing a total IO count of up to 2000 physical data points!
  2. Reduced engineering time & costs in installation/commissioning
  3. Support for multiple remote IO interface options e.g. Modbus TCP/RTU
  4. RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) support
  5. Support for Layer 3 managed switch built into the controller offering functionality: setting Static IP routes via the station environment and more!

We also offer a software configuration tool called “Project+”.  This overcomes challenges we face in engineering projects for example, say you accidently missed a part or incorrectly entered a part number. What about the type of power supply you need? Project + can help with those!

If you would like to know more about our solutions, contact myself and I’d be happy to demo our solutions for you today!

About Phoenix Contact:

Phoenix Contact png logo for website

Phoenix Contact's powerful ILC 2050 BI controller is specially designed for automation tasks in buildings. The extension with a large number of I/O components from the Inline system ensures the easy setup of a modular automation station for practically all tasks in the building infrastructure environment. The controller is ideal for the most demanding applications in buildings, infrastructure and data centres.

Phoenix Contact also has solutions for cyber security, energy monitoring and wireless communication as well as cabling, connectors, industrial marking solutions and much more.

Phoenix Contact is the global market leader for components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation.

The Phoenix Contact Group comprises fourteen companies in Germany as well as more than 50 own sales companies all over the globe. The international presence is also consolidated by 40 representative offices in Europe and overseas. The family business with its head office in Blomberg (North Rhine Westphalia, Germany) now employs 17,400 people worldwide, is an innovator in electrical engineering and set the goal of shaping the future responsibly.

You can view the Phoenix Contact Directory Listing here.


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