Publishing Date: Nov 09, 2023

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ODATA, an Aligned Data Centers company and provider of data centre services for Latin America, has announced the launch of DC ST02, its second hyperscale data centre located in San Bernardo, Chile.

This new facility marks a significant step in the company’s strategic development within the region, boosting its total IT capacity in Chile to an estimated 80MW and solidifying its standing as a leader in the LATAM data centre market.

The DC ST02 is designed to provide up to 40.6 MW of IT load capacity and encompasses roughly 366,000 square feet. To ensure maximum availability for its users, ODATA has sourced top-tier equipment from international suppliers and has employed the highest standard of construction practices, overseen by the company’s seasoned team.

Ricardo Alário, ODATA’s LATAM CEO, said: “One notable point in the construction of our second data centre in the country was our nimbleness and agility in adapting to Chilean regulations to ensure that the site complies with all legal requirements without affecting the agreed delivery time. We have effectively navigated diverse environments with varying building and zoning legislation and often high complexity. ODATA has been successful in delivering all our projects in Latin America precisely because we understand each region and its peculiarities, always striving to maintain quality, agility and security for our customers.

The facility boasts a dedicated on-site substation and 60MVA of utility power, supplied by dual feeds to the data centre, which ensures high reliability and redundant electrical power to support the continuous operations of mission-critical customer applications.

In addition to the new DC ST02, ODATA is also expanding its existing DC ST01 data centre campus with the construction of a second building, thus enhancing its footprint in Chile. Alário added that DC ST01 is not only fully licensed and operational but also runs on contracted renewable energy, reflecting the company’s strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Alário further explained that the expansion was driven by the increasing hyperscale demand for capacity and connectivity in the region. “Chile has proven to be a strategic destination for hyperscale customers in Latin America. ODATA’s expansion in the country provides our customers with flexible, scalable, connected and reliable data centre services in a highly sought-after region,” he said.

With state-of-the-art data centres in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Chile, ODATA serves hyperscale companies and large enterprises looking for high-performance, reliable and secure infrastructure solutions that are quickly delivered.

What defines us is our ability to consistently maintain a high level of delivery and commitment, regardless of regional challenges,” concluded Alário. “We are committed to offering data centre solutions aligned with the needs and regulations of each market in which we operate, meeting the compliance requirements of local regulations. This flexibility, combined with our technical aptitude and operational excellence, is what makes us a reliable partner for companies looking to expand their operations across Latin America.


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