Publishing Date: Oct 02, 2023

Datacentres for better security

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NetNordic fulfils an important role as a systems integrator in the Nordics with a focus on business-critical solutions and services. Our deep focus on the areas of security, network, collaboration and cloud in combination with adjacent system and infrastructure expertise makes us very relevant for large and medium-sized customers in the Nordics.

We are constantly looking for companies that can fit our growth strategy and we know that there are strong companies on the market that over time want to become part of something bigger, in order to further strengthen their customer position and relevance. Gohybrid is a company that has developed a solid platform built on culture, expertise and customer relevance. We have for some time developed a common ambition which we are now starting to realize by joining forces,” says Jarl Øverby, CEO of NetNordic Group, and continues, “the need for increased competence and capacity within the Microsoft Cloud is important to us at NetNordic and Gohybrid complements our strategy well.

NetNordic has grown strongly and systematically both through organic growth and through strategic acquisitions. Large and medium-sized companies in the Nordics have been acquired by NetNordic to achieve business-critical advantages in security, network, collaboration and cloud. With the acquisition of Gohybrid, NetNordic has made its nineteenth acquisition since 2015. NetNordic is approximately 70% owned by Norvestor, while the rest is controlled by the company’s employees.

Gohybrid was established to help customers with cloud expertise. The cloud is today a central part of the IT infrastructure and we see that the complexity contributes to the customer needing a specialist to optimize applications, costs and security.

We have strong expertise in clouds in general but have also chosen to go extra deep within Microsoft’s cloud area, as this is central to most of our customers’ infrastructure. Over the years, we have assisted a number of customers in various industries and this has given us an enormous competence base that the market benefits from,” says Mikael Lison, CEO of Gohybrid AB.

Over the years, Gohybrid has helped a large number of customers in various industries with their cloud journey and this has given Gohybrid a huge competence base that we can benefit from together.

It is a natural step for us to become part of something bigger, so that our competence can come into its own even more and then NetNordic is a natural choice for us. We have a solid customer base, but together with NetNordic we reach an even wider market, gain access to world-leading technologies and this will provide opportunities for both our customers and employees. For the owners of Gohybrid, it is gratifying that the employees get more exciting development opportunities through a larger environment where they can further develop their skills and ambitions. NetNordic has had an impressive development which we look forward to strengthening both through further customer relevance and value for the shareholders of which we will also be a part”, says Mikael Lison, CEO of GoHybrid AB.


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