Publishing Date: Mar 04, 2021

Datacentres for better security

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PRESS RELEASE:  Telecommunications operator and digital services provider MTS has launched its own data centre in Minsk. The site includes 78 server cabinets and is connected to an ultra-fast network for uninterrupted 24/7 access.

The data centre will make the infrastructure more accessible and efficient. The complex with an area of ​​over 370 “squares” accommodates 78 rack-places for server and network equipment. The total electrical capacity of the data centre is 954 kW, the useful capacity is 657 kW for connecting an IT load.

The new data centre has become one of the most reliable and energy efficient in the country. In particular, the level of fault tolerance is similar to the requirements of Tier III, and the average annual energy efficiency (PUE) is 1.28.

The data centre maintains a high level of fault tolerance and security: all systems are duplicated, uninterruptible power supplies are insured against power failures, and an automatic fire extinguishing system is installed. The situation on the site is monitored around the clock from the control centre, where data from all sensors and video cameras are collected in real time.

The data centre will host technological equipment and MTS Cloud servers. All infrastructure is connected to the backbone network. The telecom operator guarantees almost 100% service availability.

“The new data centre will significantly strengthen our position in the ICT market. Hundreds of large and medium-sized companies already trust us to implement cloud projects and use our infrastructure according to the IaaS model. Now there is an additional feature – highly reliable physical server placement. It is important that the data centre is located at the head office, and this provides increased service availability. We see ourselves among the leaders in terms of the ratio of price, quality and efficiency,” noted in MTS.

The data centre will develop several directions. First of all, this is the placement of MTS server and network equipment. Additionally, MTS offers to rent virtual resources as a service (IaaS). For this, virtualization platforms are available using Cisco and Huawei equipment.


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