Publishing Date: Mar 08, 2022

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PRESS RELEASE: Mawson Infrastructure Group has announced the expansion of its Sandersville Bitcoin Mining data centre facility to 230 Megawatts (MW).

Following on from successful electrical load and associated infrastructure studies carried out by the Municipal Electrical Authority of Georgia (MEAG), Electrical Cities of Georgia (ECG), the Washington County Economic Development Authority, City of Sandersville and Mawson, the site has been approved for expansion.

Mawson has an existing 26-year lease at the Sandersville, Georgia site, with the option to buy the approximately 16-acre property.

Mawson intends to deploy its Modular Data Centre (MDC) technology at the expanded facility. The facility is expected to become fully operational with the additional 150 MW online in Q3, 2023. Based on utilization of the latest generation Bitcoin mining ASIC hardware, this expansion to the facility could accommodate up to 7.5 Exahash (EH) of operational capacity.

The Sandersville, Georgia, USA facility utilizes predominately nuclear and hydro energy sources, and Mawson intends to use both Carbon Credits and Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s), in addition to its ongoing sustainability program, at this site to ensure our Net Zero goal and strong ESG focus is maintained.

James Manning, CEO and Founder of Mawson, said, “We are delighted to be moving forward with what will be one of our largest Bitcoin Mining facilities in North America. Our relationship with MEAG, ECG, the Washington County Economic Development Authority and the City of Sandersville continues to strengthen, and we look forward to expanding this facility to 230 megawatts. In an environment where large scale, high-quality, low-cost Bitcoin Mining facilities are in short supply, we are genuinely excited for site development works at our Georgia Stage 3 expansion to begin later this year.”

Judy McCorkle, Administrator of the City of Sandersville, Georgia, said, “The City of Sandersville has enjoyed working with the Mawson team since early 2020, and we are looking forward to working closely with MEAG, ECG and the Washington County Economic Development Authority on the expansion of this site. Mawson’s commitment and support of the local community has been fantastic, and the council supports their expansion and applauds their community first approach. We look forward to the benefits Mawson’s expansion will bring the community across job growth and financial stability for the city.”


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