Publishing Date: Dec 01, 2021

Datacentres for better security

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PRESS RELEASE: LogicMonitor has launched its first Australian data centre located in Sydney and hosted by Amazon Web Services.

The infrastructure monitoring company said the launch was in response to strong customer demand for local hosting capabilities. LogicMonitor said current customers including Nine, IOOF, and AC3 have signed up.

The launch will support ongoing growth in the Australian market while assisting with compliance measures needed for any work done in the financial and public sector spaces, according to LogicMonitor.

“Our customers in Australia are eager for effective observability platforms that contribute to strong business results, and now we’re here to deliver on this at a local level,” LogicMonitor GM Richard Gerdis said.


“We’re pleased to be able to fulfil our customer needs in the region while adhering to strong compliance and data sovereignty policies. The setup of a local LogicMonitor environment shows we’re a serious player in the market, especially at a time when Australia aims to assert itself as a leader across several key industries on a global level. LogicMonitor’s local data centre capabilities will prove to be critical in staying competitive.”

AC3 head of hybrid cloud James Mollison said, “The number of reported data breaches continues to rise, and although new regulations are also on the rise to combat the changing landscape to protect businesses and citizens, it can be hard for governments and enterprises to keep up by themselves.


“In today’s hybrid cloud world, a connected approach to security and governance strategies is a top priority. We view our expertise, along with LogicMonitor’s technology and its new local data centre as key to helping make our customers’ cloud environments even more secure, in addition to giving flexibility to meet data sovereignty and compliance requirements. Lastly, for Australian businesses, having a local presence has clear benefits in terms of the technology and lower latency time, but it also shows commitment from LogicMonitor by investing in our local industry.”

In the announcement, Nine group director for network communications Joe McNamara said, “The fast-paced nature of our business as a multi-platform media network means we need full visibility across our operations.”


“LogicMonitor’s capabilities have enabled us to have visibility of all our network infrastructure, compute and storage platforms as well as our broadcasting systems with the new Australian data centre keeping our information onshore. LogicMonitor gives us deep insight into issues occurring in our environment without all the background noise, allowing us to move faster and focus on high-value initiatives.”


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