Publishing Date: Mar 22, 2022

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PRESS RELEASE: Data centre specialist LCL has completed the renovation of its data centre in Antwerp, LCL Antwerp. The total investment cost over the past 5 years amounts to €1.3 million. Among other things, LCL installed a natural moss wall in the relaxation area for staff and visitors as a pilot project. This helps improve air quality in the data centre. LCL Antwerp is now fully prepared to further expand its customer base in the Antwerp region.

In total, LCL Data Centers has invested €1.3 million in its data centre in Antwerp over the past 5 years. This investment has provided the data centre with additional space and the latest technology. LCL Antwerp now also has a ‘cosy area' where visitors and customers can work or relax, as well as a modern meeting room and new offices for the well-being of its employees.


Working at LCL Antwerp over the years

In recent years, LCL Data Centers has focused on sustainable renovation for its Antwerp data centre. In 2016, the data centre specialist totally renovated the electrical system at a cost of around €620K, for example. Barely two years later, the data centre in Antwerp reached its maximum capacity. LCL therefore then invested some €210K in an additional 200 sqm of data centre space. The entire data centre totals around 500 square metres. As the final chapter of the investments, this data centre now been given an updated look and feel with a cosy area, a new meeting room and offices. This accounted for an investment of some €350K.


Latest innovations with focus on sustainability

LCL Antwerp has recently added a cosy area, a modern meeting room and new offices.

The cosy area is fully furnished with sustainability in mind – a topic which LCL takes seriously. LCL has consciously selected partners who share the same vision. Some partners – like LCL – have been awarded the ISO 14001. This means that their way of working complies with the standard requirements for environmental management. The acoustic panels between the offices are made of PET felt and can be recycled. Also, the wood for the cabinets either comes from a sustainable source or is recycled. In addition, the company that provided the tile ceiling always uses low-emission materials. Furthermore, the wall cabinet also has a natural moss wall as a pilot project. This wall reduces LCL's carbon footprint by producing additional air and reducing the number of polluting particles in the air. This space did not previously exist and has been added on.

Johan Overloop, Data Centre Facilities Manager at LCL Data Centers: “The cosy area allows our customers to carry out further checks and programming in a quiet place outside the data centre. It is a cosy and quiet environment where they can work in silence. The space is equipped with every comfort, both at the technological level with Wi-Fi and plugs for electronic devices, and at a human level with drinks and plenty of seating. For employees, there is a separate room where they have access to all the tools required to monitor all the data centres. Comfort and connectivity were also taken into account.”

In addition, LCL Antwerp has a modern meeting room where both internal meetings with LCL employees and external meetings with (prospective) customers can be held.

Finally, the office for about eight employees has been completely redesigned with their well-being in mind.

Laurens van Reijen, Managing Director of LCL Data Centers: “LCL Antwerp offers a pleasant environment not only for our own employees, but also for our visitors and (prospective) customers. We feel it is incredibly important to extend our ‘customer intimacy’ strategy to all our data centres. This ensures a warm and recognisable environment for our existing and potential customers. We also offer visits from our data centre here. That way, potential customers can see how rigorously we keep everything orderly and tidy, and the environment which would house their infrastructure.”

The investments over the past few years allow LCL to once again attract additional customers from the region who want to host their IT infrastructure in LCL Antwerp.


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